Yamaha RX-V765

Deciding which home theater receiver to get is often the toughest part especially if a high-end one is necessary in powering a big home theater. They can be very expensive exceeding $700, but the Yamaha RX-V765 home theater receiver plans tapping out the full potential of HD video and audio while locking the price tag at $650. There are other receivers that cost significantly less including the other 4 models that were introduced alongside the RX-V765.

Yamaha RX-V765 Receiver

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The Yamaha RX-V765 home theater receiver is 0.75 inches higher than the rest of the home theater receivers causing the weight to go up a few pounds. However, the entire top portion of the player remains the same as the RX-V665BL and the brush metal design is still used and comes in Black, Silver, and Titanium finishes. The information display remains the same with the Zone 2 buttons and other buttons that manipulate the display. The volume control knob on the right is moved down slightly and the four scene buttons below remain the same as its predecessors enabling simple configuration of devices and flexible preset creation. Although the main power button, headphones jack, and video auxiliary jacks remain the same, some changes were made to the program and input controls found on the center for easier control taking the form of smaller knobs rather than directional controls.


The Yamaha RX-V765 home theater receiver is one of the two home theater receivers that can handle 7 channels and 2 subwoofer outputs. The main difference is that it allocates 95 watts per channel rather than 90 for added performance and quality. It is also the only receiver amongst the 5 Yamaha home theater receivers recently introduced that uses a discrete amp configuration which means there are independent output devices for each of the 7 channels. It is the higher grade components that ultimately deliver better sound performance. On video end, the RX-V765 has 4 HDMI inputs and a single output. All of the HDMI ports are 1080p-compatible and the analog video can be nicely scaled to 1080p. Deep Color is supported which is great for the later HDTV models that support them and supports the 120 Hz refresh rate as well.

Actual user review: “I had been looking at several of the Yamaha models through the spring of 2009, as well as its competitor’s (Sony, Onkyo, Denon), for an upgrade of my ancient Sony receiver. I just installed a set of Definitive Technology Mythos speakers ordered through Amazon.com. I wanted this receiver to be the core of my Home Theater as it’s primarily used for improving my Sony Blu-ray and TiVo Series3 HD DVR experience. Sports is vivid with the upscale feature from 1080i to 1080p. 1080i broadcast shows such as Chuck, both sound and look great. The optional YDS-11SL iPod dock works well with both a 4th generation Nano and an 80G iPod Classic, including the videos. What is worth the wait is the clean layout on the back, the heft of the discrete amp, and the Blu-ray friendly support with both the scene button and the Decoders for HD audio formats: Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Yes they do make a difference in your home theater experience. The audio calibration microphone works as advertised. Silent Cinema (headphone mode) is also a nice feature. However, you will need to keep the manual next to you for the first week to figure out some of the controls such as accessing all of the iPod controls with the dock. In the end, if you are looking for a quality receiver that performs well on both movies and music, and can drive your amp hungry speakers to their potential, look no farther that this RX-V765. It really was worth the wait.” – J.O’Donnell (OR,USA)



The RX-V765 is rich in decoding technologies with the surround sound experience primarily being powered by Dolby Digital Plus since it is the most compatible format that can work with today’s A/V receivers. For high-definition content, Dolby TRUE HD is supported to match the amazing picture quality with realistic sounds. Through Dolby Digital EX, a rear center channel is added to add more impact to the surround sound. Movie sound quality is improved even more through the DTS HD Master Audio technology. The left, right, and back channels can also be separately decoded during playback using the DTS NEO: 6. The YPAO Automatic System Calibration is responsible for ensuring the quality through quick calibration methods using the microphone. Like the rest of the models available, the CINEMA DSP Digital overrides conventional techniques by separating the sound fields for better clarity. This experience can be witnessed in headphones through the SILENT CINEMA technology and through basic speaker configurations through the Virtual CINEMA DSP. MP3 and WMA files get an added boost in quality thanks to the compressed music enhancer. It is also XM Ready allowing the receiver to connect to over 100 digital channels that have music, news, and other forms of entertainment in the best quality possible using XM HD Surround Sound and Neural Surround technologies that work together in providing rich sound. Owners of the SIRIUS ConnecT kit can plug it directly into the receiver to enjoy the content available.

Bottom Line

The Yamaha RX-V765 home theater receiver is the best sounding home theater receiver in the RX-V lineup and is also the most expensive and heaviest as well. Even if the XM features won’t be used very often, this is the one device to get if audio quality is needed to balance with the visuals that the other devices in the home theater contribute to. The HDMI support is just enough to power a simple home theater system, but the real power lies on the 7.2 surround sound configuration.

Average User Rating:

  • “Waited until a reasonably priced receiver came out with all of the bells and whistles. Glad I did. The quality of the sound from this Yamaha blows away the Sony I bought 5 years ago and the Onkyo I had before that. I have a 5.1 setup with Paradigm Speakers and this finally set them free. Turned on LOTR and a Bourne Series and …. wow. Even my son jumped up when the surround sound kicked in… Manual is easy to follow but seems to leave out some of the finer details on configuration. The support group at the Yamaha website helped but turnaround on questions seems to be about 48 hours” – John B. (CA,USA)
  • “Works beautifully on the whole, particularly with the Orb Mod 2 speakers I installed. Listened to Gustavo Dudamel’s first outing with the LA symphony on the 7 channel setting and it was absolutely gorgeous. Only drawback is it assumes my TV will be connected by HDMI but the only HDMI connector on my Panasonic TV is needed for the HD DVR. So the readings, when I was testing the speaker layout and volumes, did not come up on screen – had to play it by ear – and I also cannot use the TV button on the remote to turn on the TV. But it works fine on AUDIO 1, the alternative connection. Overall, very, very pleased. Amazon service and speed of delivery exceeded expectations, so I’m happy to give them a plug.” – B.Wader (IN,USA)


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