Yamaha RX-V667

Yamaha is hot on the 3D trail with the introduction of another 3D-capable receiver adding to the three budget models released earlier this year. The Yamaha RX-V667 is a replacement for the RX-V665 and comes with many additional features and connectivity options. There are 2 additional HDMI inputs, a new GUI for its on-screen display (OSD), along with 7.2-channel output with discrete amplifiers for all channels. It is even certified to work with your iPod and iPhone.

To support 3D playback, it has the latest HDMI ver1.4a inputs with Audio Return Channel (ARC). HDMI 1.4a brings compatibility with the new 3D video format.

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Yamaha RX-V667 AV Receiver

Yamaha RX-V667 AV Receiver


The Yamaha RX-V667 features a new cosmetic design with an elegant brush metal finish. The power button is conveniently located at the top left corner while the unmistakably large volume control knob is on the right like most other receivers. The subtle fluorescent display occupies the center. The controls and presets are well laid out. Just below the display are four pre-set SCENE buttons (BD/DVD, TV, CD and Radio) which allows you to conveniently turn on the correct components and activate the intended input/surround mode combination with one touch.

There is an HDMI input on the front panel for easy access of frequently used devices like a camcorder or video-game players. Also on the front panel are a set of A/V inputs and a headphone jack.


Back Panel Connectivity Options

Back Panel Connectivity Options

Yamaha made sure they didn’t miss out on any connection possibilities with the RX-V667. On the back panel there are 5 HDMI inputs and one HDMI output. With one on the front panel, there are a total of 6 HDMI inputs, which should be more than adequate. You also get 2 component video inputs, 5 sets of composite video inputs and 2 sets of optical and coaxial digital audio inputs.

In addition there are 8 multi-channel audio inputs for those who are still using an older generation DVD player with multi-channel outs. A full set of pre-outs are also provided for use with external amplification including 2 subwoofer outputs. There’s a jack at the top left for connecting an optional Yamaha universal dock and a Sirius radio input port.

A full complement of speaker terminals occupy the center portion with an additional pair of outputs for use as ‘height’ speakers or for a second zone. All output jacks are clearly marked in white to prevent connection errors.


We can see that Yamaha has given a lot of thought to the RX-V667 to make it as future-proof as possible by including 3D capability and many useful features. The new on-screen display (OSD) provides intuitive visual guidance that simplifies menu operations. You can configure it for 7-channel or a 5 channel plus height presence speaker playback system via its proprietary CINEMA DSP. Through Yamaha’s IntelliAmp technology the amplifiers can also be assigned for bi-amp configuration, surround back, front presence or Zone 2 connection.

At the same time, Yamaha chose to place a more audio focused emphasis on the RX-V667. Audiophiles will be happy to note that the V667 now comes with discrete amplifier output stages instead of the lower cost and lower performing op-amp stages found on the RX-V665. It is now capable of driving low impedance speakers. And with Pure Direct playback mode as well as jitter-free PLL circuitry you can expect respectable sound quality if you couple it with good speakers.

In the video department the RX-V667 offers Deep Color (30/36 bit) technology, x.v.Color, 24Hz Refresh Rates, and Auto Lip-Sync compensation, which automatically eliminates audio/video sync issues.

Watching movies at night when everyone else is asleep can be annoying for those trying to catch a wink. Simply turn on Adaptive DRC which adjusts sound levels automatically by making low volumes more audible and reducing the volume of loud passages.

If you have an iPod or iPhone the RX-V667 makes it convenient to play back music you have painstakingly stored. With the new YID-W10 wireless audio dock (sold separately), you can enjoy your music using its uncompressed wireless audio transmission. Once connected, the dock not only charges your iPod/iPhone and plays your favorite playlists, but it also shows images and movies on the TV screen.

Here’s a summary of other key features:

  • 7-channel 630W surround sound (90W x 7) – output power is rated at full bandwidth, 20Hz to 20KHz
  • HDMI 1.4 Support for 3-D Video and Audio Return Channel – HDMI has fast become the cable of choice for connecting today’s A/V components. The four HDMI 1.4 inputs on the RX-V567 let you simultaneously connect high-definition sources such as a Blu-ray player, a gaming console, and a cable/satellite tuner. As the latest standard, HDMI 1.4 adds 3D support and an Audio Return Channel. Audio content received directly by your HDTV’s tuner can be sent “upstream” to your A/V receiver, without the need for a separate S/PDIF audio cable.
  • Advanced GUI – When connected to your HDTV via HDMI, an advanced GUI overlay becomes available to control your home theater simply and easily.
  • Yamaha’s proprietary Cinema DSP audio processing complements the new 3D TV technology and provides extra sonic dimension and presence to match the more involving 3D playback.
  • Analog-to-HDMI 1080p video upscaling for improved picture quality, even from non-HD sources
  • Surround sound audio decoders for Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD Master Audio, and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio.
  • Deep Color (30/36 bit) technology, x.v.Color, 24Hz Refresh Rates, audio input assign capability for HDMI and component video inputs
  • Auto Lip-Sync compensation which automatically eliminates audio/video sync issues
  • Compressed Music Enhancer restores dynamics to music files ripped from CDs or downloaded from the Internet
  • Adaptive Dynamic Range Control automatically increases the volume of softer dialog passages when overall system volume is turned down, and Adaptive DSP level
  • Yamaha Parametric room Acoustic Optimizer (YPAO) simplifies the setup process by automatically analyzing room acoustics and setting parameters for optimum sound quality at the touch of a button
  • Silent Cinema technology makes it possible to hear large-scale surround sound through standard headphones – ideal for late-night home theater listening when the rest of the family is asleep
  • iPod/iPhone Support – When your iPod or iPhone is connected to the RX-V667 via a supported Yamaha iPod dock (sold separately), you can listen to your digital music with Compressed Music Enhancer and view album art while playing.
Actual user review:
“I’ve always been impressed by Yamaha products and this receiver is no exception. It’s a 7.2 channel receiver that packs an insane amount of features into a modest price.

Before I made the purchase, I called Yamaha’s customer service guys and asked them a few questions and they were able to answer everything for me. I got right to a person who spoke English and they knew their products (and actually said they had a full lab for testing stuff).

So I bought the receiver and hooked it up to my 3D TV setup, along with my Wii (component), X-box 360 (HDMI), DirecTV DVR (HDMI), Yamaha YDS-12 iPod dock and 3D Blu-ray player (HDMI). It was easy to install and I still have plenty of HDMI inputs left for future expansion. I ran the YPAO auto setup and it was over before I came back from getting a snack in the kitchen. It properly detected all of my 7.2 speakers and everything appears to be working as intended.

I must say that I really love the onscreen GUI menu. It’s an animated display that overlays on top of whatever I’m watching, including the 3D content from DirecTV and my BD player.

I wanted a receiver with a powered Zone 2 so I could run a pair of speakers on my porch and this receiver handles that task no problem. Setup was easy, I just followed the PDF owner’s manual that came in the box.” – RB (CA,USA)


Bottom Line

The Yamaha RX-V667 is a solidly built and well thought out receiver with ample connectivity and expandability options to cater to the most discerning home theater enthusiast. The mouthwatering feature set plus 3D support surely warrants it to be on your shortlist if you are building a high end home theater system.

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