Yamaha RX-V665

Blu-ray technology is finally making its way to people with their own home theaters because the good features that the high-definition format brings allows people to finally enjoy their favorite titles in their home theaters. With more Blu-ray titles being made, people are convinced to improve their home theaters even more. Bigger home theater systems deserve a better home theater receiver to ensure that all the connected devices deliver the best output quality possible in both audio and video. This is what the Yamaha RX-V665 home theater receiver hopes to accomplish as it competes with the other 7.1 surround sound A/V receivers in the market today.

Yamaha RX-V665 Receiver

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The Yamaha RX-V665 takes an extra step in design by adding a few extra buttons under the information display. Other than that, the size of the receiver remains the same as the other lesser models and it retains the same brush metal finish that comes in three available colors – Black, Silver, and Titanium.

The main difference compared to the other players is the presence of the Zone 2 buttons. The other 8 buttons remain in the same order with some of them reduced in size, but doesn’t really cause any negative impact in the usability. The four scene buttons directly below are there to make configuration very easy no matter what devices are plugged into the back. BD/DVD, TV, CD, and Radio are the respective labels for reference, but each button can be customized to special presets. The bottom portion of the player is completely the same as the other models with the power button on the left along with the headphones check and the big volume control on the right with video aux jacks directly below. The buttons below the scene buttons remain the same and are common in other A/V receivers.


The RX-V665 is more than just a 7.2 channel home theater receiver because it upconverts the analog video signals to the top 1080p very nicely. HDMI compatible devices can simply plug in the device directly on the back in one of the four HDMI 1.3 inputs or in the HDMI out if necessary. The HDMI specification combines high-definition video with 8-channel audio without compression at 192kHz. This applies to any devices including DVD players, other A/V receivers, HDTVs, gaming consoles, etc. It also does a decent job in improving the quality of MP3 and WMA files through the Compressed Music Enhancer which works like a digital signal processor.


The CINEMA DSP Digital is the main highlight of the receiver as it does away with the standard DTS and Dolby Digital decoding technologies and utilizes independent sound fields instead to deliver an improved surround sound experience that is rich and smooth. The circuitry that powers the technology is also capable of performing Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX, DTS Digital Surround, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, DTS-ES, and DTS Neo:6 decoding operations which great accuracy. This results to each speaker sounding the best they can especially if the YPAO Automatic System Calibration is applied so that each speaker is automatically configured using the microphone it comes with. However, smaller setups can sound just as good too thanks to Virtual CINEMA DSP technologies and the SILENT CINEMA which brings the experience to the headphones.

Exclusive to the Yamaha RX-V665 home theater receiver is the SIRUIS Satellite Radio support that makes use of the SIRIUS ConnectT Home Tuner kit that can be optionally purchased. Even without the kit, a digital XM antenna can be purchased instead to enjoy other digital channels. The XM HD Surround Sound ensures that the content is outputted in the best surround sound quality possible. It also supports Neural Surround which is specially chosen by XM Satellite Radio as the best format for HD programming.

Bottom Line

The Yamaha RX-V665 home theater receiver is a great choice if XM features are the main demand. This bumps up the price a little bit, so it is important to see if the XM features are really needed in the receiver because the Yamaha RX-V565BL supports 7 channels and a single subwoofer output, but costs only $480 instead of $550. Yamaha has successfully turned its predecessors into receivers with plenty of nice features.

Average User Rating:

  • “This receiver has been a wonderful piece of machinery. It has done everything that i needed it to do and more. It passes the HD cable to my television, and it runs my new DVD player flawlessly. The audio is amazing. It pushes my Floor standing Cerwin Vegas (4Ohms) beautifully. I got this thing for about 400 bucks at hhgregg, they were having a killer sale. This is the first Brand New receiver i have purchased in a long time. My brother and my father have pioneers and mine is much more advanced. I haven’t tried the Zone 2 but i am thinking about putting some wireless speakers outside and trying out the zone 2. There are too many features to talk about but i love this receiver.” – B.Breitenstein (OH,USA)
  • “If you are not planning on spending thousands and you are looking for quality. This is for you. For the price you cant go wrong. I hooked up my ps3, xbox 360, wii, blu-ray player, cable box and satellite box. Everything is working great. The audio setup with the Mic is perfect. I am not a HT pro but it has everything I want and more.” – F.Cartagena (NJ,USA)


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