Yamaha RX-V571

Yamaha is going Apple friendly with the new “-71” series of entry level receivers. The 7.1 channel Yamaha RX-V571 is a 3D ready AV receiver and is designed for easier integration of your iPod/iPhone/iPad. Also included are Yamaha’s proprietary cutting edge technologies like YPAO sound optimization, 6 HDMI inputs with 3D and Audio Return Channel and CINEMA DSP 3D.

Yamaha RX-V571

Yamaha RX-V571

Design & Connectivity

The Yamaha RX-V571 sports a high tech brushed aluminum black finish like its predecessors. Controls and buttons are well laid out and the center display clearly shows the required playback information.

There are four pre-set SCENE buttons for one touch control of frequently used sources. This is an excellent feature proprietary to Yamaha. What’s new is a HDMI input on the front panel and an USB for your iPod/iPad/iPhone. It takes the digital output using the standard 30-pin USB cable included with your Apple device and also charges when connected.

Yamaha is generous with 6 HDMI ver 1.4a inputs (with one in front) that supports 3D pass-through. However, there is no pre-outs for external amps. Also included are two sets of component video input, 5 composite video inputs, a sub-woofer output, and a port for connecting an optional Yamaha docking station. A headphone jack is available on the front panel.

Key Features

Here are some of the key features of the RX-V571:

  • HDMI ver 1.4a Support for 3D Video and Audio Return Channel.
  • 105W per channel output for each of the 7 channels.
  • Yamaha’s proprietary Cinema DSP audio processing which delivers a more immersive experience and presence for 3D movies.
  • Simplified GUI – a new high-resolution Graphic User Interface (GUI) allows for easier navigation. Graphics can be overlaid on HD and 3D video signals providing access to navigational icons and setup items.
  • Yamaha’s Parametric room Acoustic Optimizer (YPAO) simplifies the setup process by automatically analyzing room acoustics and setting parameters for optimum sound quality./li>
  • Compressed Music Enhancer – this is used to restore dynamics to compressed audio files.
  • Decodes Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD Master Audio, and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio.
  • Silent Cinema technology -quite similar to Cinema DSP, this is developed to let you enjoy movies and music on your headphones for long durations without listening fatigue.
  • Low Power Consumption – uses only 0.1W on standby and includes an Auto Power Down feature. Save on utility bills and environmentally friendly.
  • USB input for direct connection – if you have an iPod/iPad/iPhone, you can connect it to the front USB port using the cable that comes with your Apple device for convenient playback. It takes the digital signal from the iPod/iPhone/iPad which reduces signal loss resulting in better sound quality.
  • Analog and HDMI Video Upscaling to 1080p – upscales standard definition video signals to 1080p using precise motion adaptive and edge adaptive deinterlacing and multi-cadence detection (including 3-2 pull-down).


To put the Yamaha RX-V571 performance to the test, we used the 2011 blu-ray release of The Green Hornet.

To start off with, the video performance was exemplary. The colors of the film shone through despite the apparent lack of bright colors. Reid’s wonderfully lush garden and especially, the amazingly sleek black polish of the Black Beauty deserve special praise. Black levels were superb as well, providing a well needed depth and dimension to this darkness dominated film. Images were intricately detailed, with fragments of debris and glass highly visible in the action scenes. Overall, the RX-V571 put in a credible and stable video performance.

Sound quality was on par with its impressive counterpart. The movie’s DTS-HD MA 5.1 was impeccably decoded. Explosion scenes, of which there were many of them, brought the best out of the thundering, roaring bass and into the soundstage. Sound effects, such as the adrenaline pumping gunfire scenes and the revving of the Black Beauty, were so realistic that we felt we were amidst it. Dialog was lucid and smooth, with even Kato’s mumblings being heard really audibly.

To fully appreciate the RX-V571’s audio playback, we played the album Vibrate on multi-channel SACD by The Manhattan Transfer. Harmonies and orchestrations were wonderfully rendered, as were the melodious synchronization of the male and female voices in the group. The RX-V571 did an excellent job in handling the many different genres of songs. On the track Doodlin’ the RX-V571 placed the vocals were sharply in focus through the center channel while the electric guitar and acoustic bass wrapped around the soundstage. Songs such as “Core of Sound” brought out the sheer brilliance of the string quartet. The violin and the cello could be heard distinctly individually, and combined to round off a truly immersive audio experience.

Bottom Line

The Yamaha RX-V571 is fully capable of filling a medium sized home theater room to ear splitting levels and does everything you ask of a full fledged AV receiver. You also get the latest in 3D technology, seamless integration with the latest Apple devices and Yamaha’s renowned audio pedigree. For less than $500 you can’t ask for more.

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