Yamaha RX-V565

Home theater receivers continue to be in demand as home theaters become more inexpensive to create. Yamaha and many other top manufactures that are part of the home theater market understand this and respond accordingly by bringing their home theater receivers up to speed. Yamaha happens to do this by releasing 5 new players early 2009. Two out of the five models are for people on a budget and have 5.1 surround sound systems or less. However, the Yamaha RX-V565 home theater receiver presents itself as one of the least expensive home theater receivers that support 7.1 channels.

Yamaha RX-V565 Receiver

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The RX-V565 is completely identical to the 5.1 channel counterpart – the RX-V465BL. The initial design sports the same black brush metal finish, but it also comes in Silver and Titanium designs to match any kind of home theater setup. The power button is easily noticeable being found on the lower left and the larger volume control knob found on the opposite end. In the center is a large information display that shows the active preset. Presets can be changed using the arrow buttons below as well as radio controls.

The four circular buttons below the “Scene” label is what separates the player from the rest as it serves as presets of whatever is labeled on the button. These buttons may be customized as well to suit any connected system to the receiver. Below that are some other buttons that can be used to operate the device without a remote. Jacks are found on both ends with the headphone jack on the left, optimizer mic jack on the middle-right, and the video aux jacks underneath the volume knob on the far right.

Unlike other A/V receivers, you won’t be seeing a lot of logos on the front of the player. Although there are a lot of technologies incorporated to the system, the most significant which is the CINEMA DSP Digital technology is proudly displayed on the center just above the display panel.

Actual user review:
“I am very pleased with this product so far. The sound quality is great and there are a lot of features. The YPAO works very well testing even the correct connection of your speakers. You can equalize each channel independently if you want. To some people who had problems with the assignability of audio inputs there is a firmware update in the web of Yamaha, so the problem is solved. I updated the firmware because I wanted to connect my computer via HDMI (video) and Coaxial (audio) and it works fine. Also I installed a Liteon Bluray drive to my PC so now I can enjoy full HD movies in my TV through this receiver. Saddly the audio output of my PC doesn’t handle Dolby True HD or DTS HD. The sound quality is great with movies and music. I have a little collection of music in DTS multichannel format that sounds really good. The upscaling is not the best but it does a better job than a cheap dvd player with hdmi output, even better than my LCD Samsung 40″ Series 5 FullHD so I use this function to watch legacy dvd. I must say that this is not an audiophile or a high-end receiver, but for the price it’s not intended to be that. In a matter of fact, Yamaha has reduced some costs with some cheap connectors for the speakers and the GUI looks outdated, but that not interfere in the sound. Despite those details I put 5 stars to this product because the features and the sound quality are equal or superior to other products in his price range, and fulfill my present expectations, and with 4 hdmi inputs and high resolution audio decoding it will in the future too.” – S.Tarazona (Lima,Peru)



The RX-V565 is very strong on performance especially on the audio aspects of the player. It has four HDMI inputs that all support 1080p allowing the latest gaming devices, HDTVs, media players, and other HDMI supported devices to be plugged in along with a single HDMI output. The sound quality was decent with a lot of depth when Blu-ray titles are played. It is the key features and technologies that make the sound quality unique in a good sense.


The best feature of the Yamaha RX-V565 home theater receiver is the 7.1 surround sound support combined with a relatively inexpensive price tag. Setting up the system is fairly easy as well thanks to the YPAO Automatic System Calibration. The system works like other calibration systems by making use of an optimizer microphone and getting tones from each of the seven speakers for auto-adjustment. What makes it good is that a single mic position can take all the measurements and the process finishes quickly.

Aside from the 7.1 channel support, the RX-V565 possesses the same technologies that drastically improve the audio experience. The high-definition content that is found in Blu-ray media is handled by Dolby True HD delivering a realistic home theater experience by using lossless technologies. When it comes to other types of media that use multiple channels, Dolby Digital Plus handles that and represents the compatibility aspect making it friendly with the rest of the A/V receivers. Dolby Digital EX also plays its role by creating a rear center channel using matrix methods. In order to balance out the high definition color features, the DTS HD Master Audio supplies the other half giving a complete home theater experience by bring each channel to the highest quality individually.

The CINEMA DSP Digital takes the spotlight of the receiver by exceeding the capabilities that Dolby Digital and DTS can handle. Along with Virtual CINEMA DSP and SILENT CINEMA, any speaker setup can make full use of the technologies.

Bottom Line

The Yamaha RX-V565 home theater receiver is in the middle of the five devices introduced earlier this year and is one of the most affordable 7.1 surround sound receivers to get. The surround sound features make it a powerful performer and the scene buttons and accessories available make it an easy device to get along with other devices.

Average User Rating:

  • “I was in the market for a current HDMI compatible A/V receiver. I am not an audiophile by any stretch of the imagination and am generally happy and satisfied with very good, high quality stereo systems. I have the DirecTV HD Package, a Sony 46 inch 60Hz LCD 1080p television and a set of JBL Northridge 5.1 surround-sound speakers that my son got me a few years ago for father’s day. It’s not a state of the art system, but it both looks and sounds great. I just needed a new receiver. I looked at several “best sellers” here at Amazon.com and read through the specifications and reviews carefully. I had always liked the way Yamaha’s Natural Sound amplifiers sounded and decided that now was the time to finally select one for my home system. So far, I am not at all disappointed with my selection. I was particularly impressed with the simple, sleek design and the ease of setup. If you too select this system, don’t pass on their microphone assisted sound field setup, which even alerted me to an inadvertent out of phase wiring error I had made. I found that it’s self-setup; based upon the layout and acoustic profile of my living room, produced an exceptional balance of high-, mid-, and low-frequencies with ample volume from the rears. All in all, I am thrilled with this addition to my home theater and as I mentioned, I thought it was a very good value for the affordable price.” – G.M.Douglas (USA)


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