Yamaha RX-V465

Yamaha has achieved many milestones throughout the history of the business, but they are still facing some heavy competition in the digital market including home theater receiver market. Their answer is the introduction of five home theater receivers ranging from the affordable to the feature-rich. These five models continue the previous RX-V lineup introduced in 2008 with the Yamaha RX-V465 home theater receiver as one of the entry-level models. In terms of design, not much has changed because most of the improvements have been made under the hood.

Yamaha RX-V465 Receiver

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The Yamaha RX-V465 home theater receiver has the same black finish as the rest of the models and also comes in Titanium and Silver to match other Yamaha devices like some of the DVD players it offers. Compared to the budget RX-V365, the RX-V465 has some minor differences in regards to the layout of the controls. The info display is the same size situated in the center of the player although the 8 thin buttons along the bottoms have different functions.

There are some minor improvements to the four scene buttons found below the information display. Rather than being labeled as numbers in the RX-V365 model, each scene button has a different device label indicating that preset settings are applied to the labeled device. There is a BD/DVD scene button, TV button, CD button, and radio button. Below that group are more buttons and controls including the jack for the optimizer mic. On the bottom left lies the power button is and the phones jack. The video auxiliary jacks and large volume control can be found at the opposite end.

Actual user review:
“Got this to replace my Yamaha HTR-5630. Awesome receiver, I love it! Setup was super easy thanks to the YPAO auto-setup feature. The Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master Audio features reproduce some phenominal life-like sound. I only have 2 speakers hooked up but Virtual Cinema DSP creates virtual speakers that makes it sound like I have a full 5.1 channel speaker setup. If you’re looking for a receiver in the $300-$400 price range this is the one to get!” – K.Nitz (IL,USA)



The price difference compared to the RX-V365 isn’t a huge gap, but the capabilities are much more improved offering 4 HDMI inputs and a single HDMI out. Every HDMI input has 1080p compatibility so the latest gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, and HDTVs can all be used. With the convenience of the scene buttons, it is possible to setup a nice home theater system with all the sound quality benefits with ease.


The RX-V465 has greater support of audio decoders than the budget model. It has several advanced Dolby technologies including Dolby True HD which pairs nicely with any Blu-ray players or devices supporting high-definition content. When it comes to multichannel audio setups, Dolby Digital Plus takes advantage of it and at the same time, provides legacy support for other A/V receivers. Lastly, the Dolby Digital EX adds a real channel for the center to aid in the surround sound experience. Two DTS technologies are also incorporated including the DTS HD Master Audio which ups the sound quality of high definition titles while DTS NEO: 6 separately decodes the left, right, and back surround channels.

These audio features are also present in other home theater receivers, but the Yamaha RX-V365BL adds some uniqueness by incorporating the CINEMA DSP Digital, SILENT CINEMA, and Virtual CINEMA DSP technologies. The CINEMA DSP digital is an advanced version that aims to go beyond the capabilities of DTS decoding and Dolby Digital. It achieves this by creating separate sound fields that drastically improve the surround sound experience. The SILENT CINEMA technology allows the quality surround sound to be experienced through standard headphones. The Virtual CINEMA CSP is like the SILENT CINEMA, but allows brings the surround sound support to non-surround sound speaker setups. Combined with the Compressed Music Enhancer technology, MP3 and WMA files sound a lot better.

The Yamaha RX-V465 home theater receiver also carries the same technologies that the budget model has like the Compressed Music Enhancer which uses advanced digital signal processes to increase the sound quality of any MP3s and WMAs fed into the system. Systems that use multichannel audio techniques can make use of the CINEMA DSP Digital which surpasses DTS and Dolby Digital decoding. SILENT CINEMA and Virtual CINEMA DSP can bring all the best sound technologies to simple speaker setups and even ordinary headphones.

Bottom Line

The Yamaha RX-V365BL home theater receiver is a great audio powerhouse that processes high picture quality as well with Deep Color support and 120 Hz refresh rate capability. The Yamaha RX-V365BL home theater receiver is an excellent companion to any set of systems that provide good imagery at a decent value.

Average User Rating:

  • “The RX-V465 serves as a key component of my updated home theater system that includes a Sony blu-ray player and a Samsung 61” HDTV. All connections to and from the Yamaha receiver are HDMI, so I’ve happily eliminated the familiar “snake farm” found behind typical multi-component systems. And the surround sound results from DVD, Blu-Ray, and Satellite TV inputs are wonderful – in great measure aided by setup using the RX-V465’s YPAO Automatic System Calibration feature. Balance, fidelity and sound environments are amazing for all inputs and encoding schemes. Yes, it’s “only” a 5.1 channel output but since that’s exactly the setup I have, it works wonderfully for me! The many sound fields offered are fine for those who like to tweak inputs, but for me, the fact that I can decode and hear exactly what the studio intended is the best feature of this receiver. It’s a great value package for anyone seeking the full HD sound experience offered by today’s Blu-ray movies and concert videos.” – G.Stojanowski (AZ,USA)
  • “I was searching for a new HDMI 5.1 receiver to replace my old Sony (pre hdmi) receiver. Found this unit on Amazon and checked out all available web sites for reviews. This receiver had all the features I wanted for 5.1 use,105 watts/ch,lossless audio decoding for blu-ray discs,and the price was greatcompared to other brands.The manual was good but you may need to read thru it several times to be at ease on set-up. If you want a 5.1 receiver this is the one for you.Great price and features and brand at a great price!” – M.A.Mccormick (CA,USA)


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