Yamaha RX-V365

Earlier this year, Yamaha proved that they are still in the home theater receiver market by introducing five home theater receiver models to attract all kinds of consumers that are in need of a home theater. The new series begins with the Yamaha RX-V365 home theater receiver which happens to be the most affordable of the pack. Still, the Yamaha RX-V365 home theater receiver looks well-rounded and the design looks as if there are plenty of features in the budget model.

Yamaha RX-V365 Receiver

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The design of the Yamaha RX-V365 home theater receiver matches rather well with the Yamaha DVD players and home theater systems. Like the home theaters, the RX-V365 comes in both black and silver. There is also a Titanium color which is a slightly darker shade of the silver design. The information display panel takes up the upper half of the player with thin buttons along the bottom which is common amongst home theater receivers. The buttons include common functions like the speakers, tuning, band, and memory. Directly below the panel are four numbered buttons labeled “Scene”. These scene buttons are designed to make preset operations much easier. It allows up to 12 preset templates to be made.

The Yamaha RX-V365 home theater receiver is the only model that lacks the optimizer mic jack, but it still manages to have the other jacks on the bottom of the receiver including the phones jack on the left side just next to the standby button and the video aux jacks underneath the large volume knob on the far right. In the lower center, program and input direction buttons are found along with tone control, straight effect, and night buttons.

No matter what color is chosen, the finish is smooth and the layout of the buttons isn’t anywhere near complicated even if people are used to other home theater receiver designs.

Actual user review:
“On choosing this model A/V receiver, I understood that at this price, the HDMI is for video only. The instruction manual can be difficult to follow for first time Home Theater installers, but don’t let these minor issues keep you from checking out this Yamaha. I get very good 5.1 Dolby Surround sound from HD channels by connecting an optical digital audio cable from the cable box to the receiver. With a DVD player, most movies sound even better, and the DTS sound is excellent. This receiver is matched with Yamaha NS-SP5800BL speakers.” – D.Ingram (FL,USA)



The Yamaha RX-V365 is a heavy performer even though it has the price tag budget. There are  found in the back of the player with the first serving as an out while the other two are inputs for the DVD and TV which are enough for a basic home theater system to be made. All of the HDMI ports are 1080p compatible allowing Yamaha’s best DVD players and home theaters to be hooked up along with next generation video gaming consoles, new laptops, other 1080p models.


The RX-V365 boasts powerful 5-channel surround sound quality and high dynamic power as well. Up to 192 kHz and 24-bit DACs are allotted for all channels and has a low-impedance drive capability. It has an improved matrix decoder known as Dolby Pro Logic II and the basic DTS Digital Surround 5.1 channel format which provides higher data rates than the older Dolby Digital format.

These audio features are also present in other home theater receivers, but the Yamaha RX-V365 adds some uniqueness by incorporating the CINEMA DSP Digital, SILENT CINEMA, and Virtual CINEMA DSP technologies. The CINEMA DSP digital is an advanced version that aims to go beyond the capabilities of DTS decoding and Dolby Digital. It achieves this by creating separate sound fields that drastically improve the surround sound experience. The SILENT CINEMA technology allows the quality surround sound to be experienced through standard headphones. The Virtual CINEMA CSP is like the SILENT CINEMA, but allows brings the surround sound support to non-surround sound speaker setups. Combined with the Compressed Music Enhancer technology, MP3 and WMA files sound a lot better.

The RX-V365 is strong on the picture quality as well supporting 30/36 bit Deep Color and x.v.Color pass through. With the optional YBA-10 accessory, the RX-V365 can communicate with Bluetooth A2DP compatible devices. iPod support is also present with the optional YDS-11 dock.

Bottom Line

The Yamaha RX-V365 home theater receiver only costs $249 which is an impressive value considering some of the new technologies it supports and superb audio quality. The number of HDMI ports isn’t as much as the more expensive models, but should be sufficient to turn any home theater system into a quality surround sound environment. The virtual technologies are what make the device appealing as sound system prerequisites are removed.

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