Yamaha RX-V1065

On test today is the Yamaha RX-V1065 AV receiver. This is a mid-range receiver, admittedly at the top of the midrange, but it just sneaks in, so is this really value for money or would you be better stepping up to the lower end of the elite AV receivers to secure yourself a real deal?

Yamaha RX-V1065 Receiver

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Yamaha offer a distinct range of products, and their trademarks are the sharp lines of the edges and the little bulge that gives the front of the AV receiver an excellent shape. The Yamaha RX-V1065 follows this pattern, and is complemented by the uniform ventilation grate on the top. The front styling isn’t the best we have seen from Yamaha; however, the LCD is there, but the text has been changed to white. Most of their units offer orange text, and whilst this is harder to read from across the room we actually preferred it. That said the display is clear and a good size, and makes the top half of the front perfect. Sadly, the bottom half lets it down a bit. Normally they hide buttons behind a false panel, but this time they are all on show and its looks crowded. There are 10 small buttons and 6 jack point type connectors, which is our favorite gripe. Although we understand the logic of having them on the front they look ugly, and if in use means that there are trailing wires stuck out of the front of the unit which really isn’t attractive.

On the plus side, it means you can easily see the USB port. This is promising as it means that USB devices can be attached straight out of the box, allowing for music from things like iPod’s and other MP3 players to be routed through the receiver and be listened to in fantastic surround sound that has been configured just the way you want it. However, Yamaha’s other failing is that whilst the devices are normally iPod and bluetooth compatible, you have to buy the bolt on extras to fully enjoy the experience, although this is more common in receivers in the lower ranges.


This is another AV receiver that has the standard 7 channels, and you will not get more than that for this sort of money, so that’s about right. They are only 100 watt output, which isn’t as good as some in the same range that offer 140 watt, but they do give a good performance so we won’t grumble too much. The video functionality isn’t as powerful as some of Yamaha’s other products, especially as there is one in close comparison that can cope with upconversion and the Yamaha RX-V1065 just cannot.

You may be wondering why the manufacturers release so many AV receivers that all seem on the face of it the same. The truth of the matter is they all differ slightly, and the manufacturer hopes to hook you on that one difference, which may or may not make good marketing sense. Only the consumer can decide. With the Yamaha RX-V1065, the hype surrounds the GUI interface. This is the technology that deals with the ‘Graphical User Interface’, and the shortened version GUI is pronounced ‘gooey’ just in case you are wondering! This is the way you interact with your AV receiver, and relates to things like what buttons do, how the remote control works, and importantly for the Yamaha RX-V1065 the onscreen offering, which Yamaha claim is significantly more user friendly that previous versions. However, it seems to be more hype than it needs to be. We really weren’t that impressed – sorry technical Yamaha dudes, this doesn’t sell it for us.

We were also disappointed that there was no networking capability here, and whilst yes, we acknowledge that the Yamaha RX-V1065 is jam packed full of technology and features, we are not sure what the target market is for this receiver, as not only do their leading competitors offer better products for the price – so do Yamaha themselves, there are other units within a couple hundred dollars that offer more than this, so we are not sure what gap they foresaw this unit filling.


All in all we had to say that it was only a mild amount of interest we roused when the Yamaha RX-V1065 was under review. ‘Seen it all before’, ‘not overly impressed’, was the overall consensus and to be honest the next model up knocks spots off this unit, so probably best left alone really, as you can get a lot more in terms of technology and performance for not a massive amount more cash.

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