Yamaha RX-A2000

Entry-level and mid-range home theater receivers should be good enough to power a home theater system with about 5 to 7 speakers. However, the high-end AVENTAGE Yamaha receivers will provide some extensibility complete with video processing and networking. The Yamaha RX-A2000 offers a complete set of features and will provide enough power to support all kinds of home theater systems.

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Yamaha RX-A2000

Yamaha RX-A2000


The build quality and design layout of the RX-A2000 is better than the low-end and mid-range models, although those who are new to AV receivers may find it confusing to operate the front panel as it is loaded with small buttons and ports.

The only elements that can be seen on the front at first glance is the display panel, along with the power button and Pure Direct button found on the sides of the top portion. The input knob is on the bottom left while the volume is located on the lower right. The AVENTAGE logo on the top right shows that this is one of the premium AV receivers Yamaha is offering.

The panel in-between the two knobs on the bottom can open to reveal the rest of the buttons and functions that are also found on the remote. The SCENE buttons are not as large as the other Yamaha models but they still perform the same function which is to activate a series of options that optimize a particular source. These buttons also have no labels so it is up to the user to decide how to set these presets. There are also multi zone buttons which are also lacking in the entry-level models. Noticeable ports found below these buttons include an HDMI input, S-Video, USB port, YPAO mic port and the standard V. AUX set.

The RX-A2000 houses a lot of power and that power requires some stability which is why Yamaha implemented the Anti-Resonance Technology Wedge which is basically fifth leg on the center of the device. This effectively gets rid of the vibration issues that other AV receivers suffer from when the system uses a lot of the receiver’s power.


With 8 HDMI inputs and 2 HDMI outputs, you can hook up a wide array of electronic devices to the receiver. It also supports the latest 3D technology, since every port is version 1.4a. Low Jitter Circuitry is implemented to further increase the sound quality that goes through HDMI and other digital source mediums. This unit outputs 130W for each of its 7 channels, with a total power output of 910W.

The CINEMA DSP technology incorporated does a great job in boosting the audio quality of the connected speaker system by dividing the sound fields and optimizing the placement. With the CINEMA DSP 3D, the RX-A2000 can work with another external amp to increase the number of channels to 9.2, allowing home theater enthusiasts to upgrade their sound system while still keeping the same receiver. All the familiar high-definition audio decoders such as Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD Master Audio are supported as well.

AV receivers in general must be configured properly so they can fit custom setups. The latest YPAO sound optimization system provides multi-point measurement, Reflected Sound Control, and DSP Effect Normalization so the receiver works best with the speaker layout.

Once completed, users can use the intuitive graphic user interface to try out other features such as accessing Internet Radio, browsing the Internet through Ethernet or accessing other Windows 7 computers on the network for content streaming. HD Radio and SIRIUS Satellite Radio are also supported.

The video quality is just as remarkable as the audio quality since the receiver houses the HQV Vida processor to upscale standard sources to 1080p for maximum picture quality. It manages to reduce compression artifacts even from the lower quality sources so visuals look clearer and the effects are noticeable on a nice LED display.


On the blu-ray release of Sting Live in Berlin, image quality was superb. The RX-A2000 rendered the video with ample sharpness, brilliant details (down to the minutiae) and nicely saturated colors. Every frame was sharp and clear. Wrinkles on Sting’s face and texture of his clothes were vividly displayed on screen. It was as if you were right there at the concert venue in Berlin.

The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 soundtrack was also excellent, as the band and orchestra were placed around Sting in the soundfield. The whole experience was immersive and engaging. The receiver accurately directed the vocals and orchestra to the front speakers, with the rear speakers relaying the ambience and atmosphere of the O2 World Arena. We could also hear the Royal Philharmonic layered naturally behind Sting and his band.

Bottom Line

At $1400, the Yamaha RX-A2000 is not exactly a cheap receiver. However, consumers are paying for the premium audio and video technologies incorporated in the unit. Furthermore, it is the only receiver in the AVENTAGE that can handle 9.2 configurations, and will give your home theater setup a good boost.

Average User Rating:
Actual user review:
“First off the product came in less then 3 days of me ordering.
I was shocked how fast and pleased with the packaging.I am not one to understand the complete tech sides of their receivers but I know what was important to me.
1) The HDMI’s out.. I am using 5 and wanted more just in case.
2) The 3 Zones. I am using 2 and will use 3 over the next few months.
3) The video/audio processing. Very happy.
4) The Sound Quality. I am using very good Yamaha/Pro Center speakers (7 speakers and subwoofer) and I am just blown away how great everything sounds. From movies to music and even commercials.” – Paul C.(USA)

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