Yamaha RX-A1000

Yamaha is one of the leading brands in the AV receiver market. To compete with strong rivals such as Denon and Onkyo, it has joined the race to incorporate the latest visual and audio technologies. The AVENTAGE line possesses these features, along with Yamaha’s very own exclusive technologies. The Yamaha RX-A1000 rests in the middle of this pack.

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Yamaha RX-A1000

Yamaha RX-A1000


The RX-A1000 sports a cleaner look as compared to the other lower end models Yamaha offers. It is also a bit larger and heavier than the cheaper AVENTAGE models because of the added circuitry and power.

The display panel is in its usual spot and is flanked by the main power button and the smaller Pure Direct button. The input selector rests on the bottom left while the volume is the bigger knob on the lower right. All of the other buttons are hidden behind the drop-down panel. The SCENE buttons are less emphasized, but it should be noted that this is a receiver meant for power users. Furthermore, users can configure more presets from the user interface. The multi zone controls are present along with other useful controls. Connectivity options such as USB, HDMI and S-video can be found on the bottom row of the panel.

Instead of having just four legs to keep the receiver stable, the RX-A1000 has another found dead in the center of the base. Called the Anti-Resonance Technology (A.R.T.) Wedge, this design aspect eliminates the vibration problem that is caused by its powerful audio processing power. When the volume is cranked up, the receiver stays in place thanks to the double bottom construction, where an additional bottom cover is used to house the heat sinks and power transformer.


The RX-A1000, being part of the AVENTAGE line, features discrete amplification, custom designed parts, optimized amplifier construction and layout, high-grade speaker terminals, and ultra low jitter circuitry.

With 8 HDMI inputs, this unit is ready to handle huge home theater systems. There are also 2 HDMI outputs, allowing for both a projector and a TV to be hooked up. What’s more, all the HDMI ports are version 1.4a, which provides Full 3D Pass Through, allowing 3D HDTV owners to hook up their devices to other 3D enabled equipment through the receiver. Hence, there will be no need to replace your receiver in the future should you purchase any 3D devices. Each of these HDMI ports is also enhanced with Low Jitter Circuitry for cleaner sound. These circuits also work for other digital sources as well.

For a big device, the RX-A1000 is very friendly on power consumption especially when the AV receiver is on standby mode. However, once in operation, the device will output a large 105 watts to each of the 7 speakers for a total of 735 watts.

The high-end specs are treated with some of Yamaha’s best technologies starting from the CINEMA DSP technology. It leverages on its existing support for DTS and Digital decoding to create improved surround realism and better clarity in all sound levels. When watching movies, the Adaptive DSP level is very efficient in optimizing the volume so sounds come out great even in lower volumes. It can even bring this redefining experience to headphones and lesser speaker systems. Following the long technology line, the RX-A1000 also supports decoding of plenty of formats such as the DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD formats.

Along with the standard CINEMA DSP technologies, the RX-A1000 can connect with iPods, iPhones and other DLNA devices. The full-color layout of the menus really helps here.

The power amplifier layout has also been optimized, giving an improved signal-to-noise ratio, left/right channel separation as well as uniform vibration control. An ultra-low jitter clock has also been implemented to deal with multiple media inputs with different timing circuits. Furthermore, a hybrid power supply provides independent power to the digital and analog circuits to increase efficiency.


On Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood blu-ray, visuals were stunning and highly detailed. Contrast and sharpness exposed every single aspect of the pictures with brilliant clarity. Every detail of the background foliage, architectural buildings and texture of the costumes could be made out easily. Overall, the RX-A1000 gave a cinematic vividness and feel with strong dimensionality.

In the audio department, the A1000 decoded the dts-HD Master Audio soundtrack excellently. An enveloping, immersive experience with subtle ambience was generated throughout the movie, with the receiver seamlessly and convincingly directing the rich sounds of nature, well-prioritized vocals and explosive combat noises to create a 360° soundstage.

On the track Gabriel’s Oboe from the “Yo-Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone” 5.1 channel SACD, Ma’s rich cello timbre was enveloped in lush orchestral sounds from the surround speakers. The front speakers resonated with the melodic lines of the cello and oboe, while the rear speakers recreated the ambience of a concert hall. All in all, it was an extremely immersive experience.

Bottom Line

The Yamaha RX-A1000 incorporates a wide array of different new technologies, such as the latest HDMI 1.4a standard, Yamaha CINEMA DSP, dts-HD Master Audio decoding matrix and the Dolby TrueHD Digital Plus sound features. Furthermore, it offers various connectivity options so that you can support an elaborate home theater system with it. If you are looking for a receiver to deliver a quality home cinema and music experience, give the RX-A1000 a serious audition.

Average User Rating:
Actual user review:
“I purchased this receiver from the Amazone Marketplace and just finished the connections to my Klipsch Reference Series speakers with Center, Left and Right, 2 Presence Speakers, surround speakers and a 15″ Subwoofer.
I upgrated from an older Yamaha 5.1 receiver and added the front left and right speakers. The sound is just amazing. I also purchased the iPod dock which works absolutely great with the iPod Touch. However, it does not work with the iPhone 4. I am getting the Panasonic Viera TV in a couple of weeks and with the Panasonic 3D DVD player, I don’t think I will be going to the movies as often. this receiver is a great product and it is built to last.
The on-screen menu is easy to understand and very quick when changing sound programs etc.”
– L. Moen(Florida)

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