Yamaha HTR-3063

Those that want to spend considerably less on a home theater receiver will actually find lots of different options to choose from. Choosing the right home receiver can take some time because these types of receivers stick to the very basic features. Home theater receivers are not absolutely needed for home theater systems but having the right one should bring substantial improvements to the audio quality of all the connected home theater components. Therefore, having a budget model is still pretty helpful and the Yamaha HTR-3063 actually delivers some of its exclusive technologies to smaller home theater systems.

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Yamaha HTR-3063

Yamaha HTR-3063

Although it is a low end model, the Yamaha HTR-3063 actually manages to look similar to the other models of the HTR series. The receiver has a nice black finish with a silver line dividing the receiver into two main sections. The top section is where the display panel is and there are small buttons just below it that have the typical functions of a home theater receiver. This layout is quite common and the power button is in the usual place on the upper right.

The bottom of the receiver is where things get a little different starting with the four main “SCENE” buttons which are larger than the others to emphasize their usage. New users that are not too familiar with home theater receivers will find this feature very useful because pressing any of the “SCENE” buttons activates the source and sets all the necessary settings immediately. If these preset buttons do not give desirable effects, the buttons may be customized to suit other input sources like portable audio devices.

Below these major buttons are other buttons that act as selectors as well as the phones jack on the lower right. Pushing the video aux panel reveals some of the other ports. Turning the only knob on the receiver controls the volume.

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Actual user review:
“I recently purchased the Yamaha HTR-3063BL 5.1 Channel 500 Watt AV Receiver from Amazon.com. I love the receiver. It has wonderful sound and more options than I’ll ever use. What I like the most about it is that it was very easy to set up. As I get older (48 Years old) I find it increasingly difficult to keep up with what is new in electronics. The HDMI connections make it easy to connect your DVD/Blu-Ray player to the TV and the Optical wire makes it easy to connect your TV to the receiver to get all of your TV programs in stereo.

In checking comparable units, my local Best Buy had this same Yamaha receiver in stock and for sale at a price of $329.00, one hundred dollars more than I paid for it on line. They had a 500 Watt Receiver without AM/FM for $229.00. Once again, the unit is wonderful – and the price was right!” – Larry M. Volk(USA)



Looking at both the front and back, the Yamaha HTR-3063 really looks stripped to the basics. But surprisingly, all of the 4 HDMI inputs and single output are HDMI version 1.4. This means people that already have a 3D HDTV or 3D Blu-ray player effectively connect their 3D-enabled equipment while receiving the benefits of a home theater receiver. Those that are planning to buy these new products can also safely get them since the HTR-3063 is ready to handle them. A firmware update is required so users can take full advantage of this.

Like other Yamaha receivers of this series, the CINEMA DSP technology is not left out in this budget version. Those that have 5-channel surround sound setups can benefit from improved realism and richer sound fields that utilize DTS decoding and Dolby Digital technologies. The technology first separates the music, dialogue, and effects into individual sound fields ensuring placement accuracy and smooth movement to ensure that these speaker systems cover the entire room.

It also increases the quality of MP3 and WMA files by improving the highs and lows of every track even if they are highly compressed. With its strong support for portable devices including iPods and iPhones through a special dock accessory, this feature is highly useful.

This home receiver also brings some of the variations of the CINEMA DSP technology like the SILENT CINEMA technology. This technology is for people that want to experience the same surround sound experience on their headphones. Playing video games or watch movies that support multi-channel audio can really hear the difference. The Virtual CINEMA DSP technology works in a similar way but is optimized for basic speaker setups. Even if the system does not have surround speakers, the HTR-3063 can yield and emulated effect that still sounds pretty good.

Bottom Line

The Yamaha HTR-3063 is still a complete package and the $250 price tag makes it a very good deal. The biggest strength here is the receiver’s usability with the 4 SCENE buttons making the device very friendly to use. It provides enough controls for the user to take charge with the Dynamic Range Control and three new volume controls that make up for the lack of a sophisticated calibration system. The 3D support is an added bonus making it one of the best modern budget devices in the competition.

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