Sony STR-DN1000

Every home theatre system usually isn’t complete without a good AV receiver because they are primarily responsible for amplifying the sound from numerous audio sources and video signals as well to the TV. Sound decoding is very important for an AV receiver to be considered “decent” because they take full advantage of your sound system ensuring that the quality meets home theatre standards. The Sony STR-DN1000 is a good choice to achieve such setup that is friendly on the budget and comes with some impressive features to further increase its good value.

Sony STR-DN1000 Receiver

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The STR-DN1000’s design borrows a lot from the other Sony Blu-ray players with its piano black finish. In some ways, the receiver looks better than the higher-end models when paired with the matching Blu-ray players and the Sony Playstation 3 too since it also uses the black finish.

The layout of the AV receiver also separates itself from the rest of the other models with many of the functions concealed on the bottom. The only functions visible with the lower panel closed is the small power button on the left of the player and a larger volume knob on the opposite end accompanied with an input selector and the muting button. Compared to the other AV home receivers the information display is smaller than the others, but still delivers with the active mode being displayed. There is also a blue indicator bar on top that represents the multi level decoding.

The bottom panel shows the other functions of the STR-DN1000 including the speakers, movie, and music modes and some advanced buttons. The jack for the auto calibration mic is also located there along with the video in and the left and right audio in channels. The design alone shows that the Sony STR-DN1000 is an easy home theatre receiver to use.

Actual user review:
“I have had this receiver since Aug. 1, 2009, and am very happy with it. It is missing some features like S-VHS inputs but none that I care about. I purchased it to use with HDMI devices in a 5.1 setup in one room. It works great for me and I highly recommend it. I use the receiver with a Sony LCD TV, Samsung Blu-ray player, Cox Cable DVR, Tivo HD, Energy Classic speakers and Infinity subwoofer. No compatibility problems encountered. Before I bought this receiver, I tried a Pioneer VSX-919, which is a good receiver that gets excellent reviews. However, I could never get it to sound right to me. The Sony sounded good to me from the get go. I am very happy with this purchase and would recommend it to others who want a mid-range receiver with good sound, good features and nice appearance.” – L.Ross (CA,USA)



The Sony STR-DN1000 works great with a number of home theatre configurations as it allows up to seven HD inputs that are compatible with HD video. Four of the inputs are HDMI inputs while the other three are traditional component inputs. All Sony Blu-ray disc players and other devices that transmit HD signals should work just fine including the latest generation video game consoles like the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The Digital Media Port input allows MP3 players to be used as well. The real performance gem of the STR-DN1000 is the sound quality and user interface.


For its light $499 price tag, the Sony STR-DN1000 has superior sound features with both Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding. This means that any Blu-ray titles that have these uncompressed audio formats can be enjoyed with decent quality especially when integrated with a setup of other Sony products like any of the Blu-ray players and speaker systems. Setting up these speakers regardless of brand is easy using the special calibration microphone that it comes with. All it takes is a single push of a button after the microphone is placed in the desired listening position and the delays and distance settings are adjusted accordingly.

The STR-DN1000 works extremely well with the Sony media players, home theatres, and BRAVIA HDTVs by reducing the steps needed to enjoy multimedia content. Through the “One Touch Play” feature, pressing the “Play” button found on the remote will turn the A/V receiver, media player, and television on in sequence and switch to the input it is connected to automatically.

A few extras have been baked into the device including satellite radio support allowing easy connectivity with the Sirius service for better sounding radio and compatibility with the optional AirStation client and S-Air transmitter to make multi-room listening possible by means of a wireless room setup. The user-interface is a bit stripped compared to the higher models, but it isn’t very difficult to navigate through since it resembles the XrossMediaBar.

The video side isn’t as strong as the audio side of the receiver with mediocre quality when upconverting analog sources. However HDMI sources should be fine combining Sony’s CINEMAtechnology for Blu-ray titles and Deep Color technologies.

Bottom Line

The Sony STR-DN1000 really shines in the competition of budget A/V receivers because of its good audio quality and nice design. Anyone hoping to set up an affordable Sony home theatre system shouldn’t be disappointed with this receiver.

Average User Rating:

  • “Just got this receiver on Thursday. I wanted to purchase a receiver that did not look like EVERY receiver on the market. This was definitely the receiver for me. The piano black finish looks great. Very clean. It goes great with the Harmon Kardon Speakers which also have a piano black finish to them. Overall, the whole system looks great and sounds just as good. Audio is very crisp. Dolby HD and DTS HD sound great! Not only does the reciever put out great audio, another selling point for me was the GUI. It gives me the option of cycling through menus and setting on the TV. Overall, i’m very happy with my purchase. This receiver looks unique. It looks clean. It sounds great.” – J.Foft (CA,USA)
  • “I wish people would stop knocking this receiver just because they don’t know how to hook it up properly. There are definitely better receivers out there but not at this price range. This receiver is a very good bang for the buck. Plenty of inputs, GUI. Setup is easy unless you can’t follow instructions. The piano finish is very nice, compliments your stereo system especially with piano finish speakers and plasma or lcd screens. I am running them with B&W speakers and it sounds great. The people who are complaining about the sound are probably running them through crappy speakers. Speakers are a huge factor when it comes to sound quality. $10000 receiver + crappy speakers = crappy sound.” – P.Chow (OH,USA)


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