Sony STR-DA3500ES

Sony is a household brand almost anywhere you live or travel. The company was formed in 1946 in Japan as a media conglomerate. They are responsible for making numerous items like their game consoles, communication devices, home theaters, information technology products and other electronics. Each year they work on providing the world with new products based on advanced technology. This year they have released quite a few new Sony AV receivers for home theater systems. One of those new releases is the Sony STR-DA3500ES. What you are asking yourself right now is if the Sony receiver is worth the $999.99 price tag it comes with. This review will help you answer that question.

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Sony STR-DA3500ES

Sony STR-DA3500ES


The Sony STR-DA3500ES is part of the ES series of home theater receivers that Sony carries with 7.1 channels. The ES stands for Elevated Standard Disc technology in which you get Full HD 1080P image quality along with HD surround sound and DVD up-scaling.

The design of this product is such that you get the best from Sony whether it is in the surround sound, image quality, or power rating that it has. The multi channel power rating is 100watts x 7. The design also includes plenty of HD connection options with nine HD inputs. You have 4 HMDI inputs to make it 1080p capable. This allows you to connect other components like the Sony PlayStation 3 or Blu- ray Disc player. Any compatible component will work with the HDMI, even a newer camcorder or digital camera. There are also 3 HD component inputs located on the front to provide better versatility.

Mentioned above was the up-scaling technology. To give you a little on why this is important to the design we will explain what that is. The up-scaling technology means you can have 1080p even if a signal is broadcast at a lower resolution. This is due to the video processing capabilities of the receiver.

The menu of the receiver is quite simple in design as well with the Via XMB GUL to make it accessible and easy to navigate on the television screen. Furthermore the design offers digital media port in order to use a variety of audio devices with the Sony STR- DA3500ES. It will work with the MP3 player and iPod in other words. Lastly in the design section it is worth mentioning that it contains the Bravia Sync option to provide one touch play. It uses one of the HDMI ports in order to provide this one touch option with your other components.


Understanding the design is just a portion of what you need to know about the Sony STR-DA3500ES. The design will tell you what it has, but not whether the performance is everything that is advertised. In this section we are looking to the performance after testing the product. For those who are not used to home theater systems the setup can take a while, but the instructions will walk you through it so that you have the best sound quality. It has 7.1 channels so as long as you tune the receiver appropriately it will provide you top sound quality for Dolby surround sound during movies, and radio.

It is possible to get even better sound if you pair this Sony receiver with the right speakers. Some have found the Procenter speakers will allow for the best quality sound. However, any time you have a Sony receiver you should know that you get better sound quality from those speakers based on the compatibility. You want the receiver to be paired with Sony speakers for the best performance. It will also take a couple of movies and music media to set the receiver at the proper levels for the amp to work at its best.

Once the receiver is set up you will find the menu mentioned in the design is very easy to navigate. It will help you set up the components that you have hooked up as you follow along in the menu.


Overall, it can be determined that the performance of the Sony STR-DA3500ES is going to provide you with top quality sound once the set up has been completed. The design offers you plenty of options regarding component hookups, Full HD, and other media options. The Sony STR- DA3500ES is worth the retail tag that Sony gives it. It is one of their top of the line receivers, so if you have a budget you can get something for a little less with fewer capabilities.

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