Sony STR-DA2400ES

The Sony STR-DA2400ES is an entry level AV receiver that is low in price and high in functionality, making this an excellent candidate for the first AV receiver you will ever own.  It arrived in the office this week, and seeing the Sony logo on the box leaves you with no doubt that this is a receiver of quality. But does it deliver the performance we have come to expect from one of the market leaders or is it a tad disappointing?

Sony STR-DA2400ES Receiver

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We opened the box and lifted out the Sony STR-DA2400ES and were immediately impressed. This is one of the best looking units we have seen in ages and it is refreshing!  This is a standard chunky sized receiver but it looks very sleek. The controls look classy and there are two matching remote controls – a smaller day to day remote that is most useful for those who like to set up their AV receiver and accept the presets that have been programmed, and a larger, more complex remote for home AV receiver enthusiasts who just love to keep fiddling with their receiver settings to get the perfect combination of sound.  The control buttons on the front panel are well laid out and the LCD screen is smaller and fatter than some we have seen with crisp white lettering. We have to say this works well.  As we would expect from a manufacturer of Sony’s magnitude, the dials have a lovely tension on turning, clicking gently with each new selection, yet they move with ease and are lovely and fluid. The only jack on the front is for headphones, making it alot easier to plug in headphones now you do not have to ferret around the back of the unit.


For an entry level piece of kit, the Sony STR-DA2400ES is an excellent example of this class of AV receivers. It offers 7 channels, each with a 100 watt output which is good enough for most small home setups – those likely to purchase a receiver in this category.  The receiver is packed with famous supporting technologies and the unit utilizes them well. There is Dolby Digital plus, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD which is a popular choice, and little wonder with the quality of performance you get. The sounds are rich and deep and the various settings allow you to select a setting to match your mood or choice of music.  We were impressed with the sound quality and there didn’t seem to be much distortion when we turned it up loud enough to hear it in the streets. The pictures were just as brilliant. All media formats gave rise to excellent clarity of pictures and the colors in Blu-ray and HD were simply breathtaking.

The back of the unit is very neatly organized even though there are more than enough connectors for most users, giving you room to expand your collection should you wish to.  They are color coded and well marked for ease of use and the setup of the unit has been made easy with the inclusion of clear instructions in the manual. Do not that since this is an entry level AV receiver, you are not likely to get huge complexity, and it may well be lacking in functions for those of you who are home theater enthusiasts.

Sony offers their own media port which allows you to connect devices such as your iPod, PC or Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone. This is also complemented by software that will clean up and improve the performance of your MP3 files – a nice touch and definitely not possible on all AV receivers in the level entry range. In fact, it is so rare, this is a definite thumbs up for Sony.

Bottom Line

The Sony STR-DA2400ES is a highly powerful piece of kit for an entry level receiver. It provides excellent connectivity and includes a radio tuner for added appeal.  The quality of sound and vision are more than impressive and we have no doubt Sony really knows its stuff when it comes to audio visual technology. Hence, if this is your first AV purchase, you could do a lot worse than the Sony STR-DA2400ES and what more with money well spent. Not to forget the added bonus of a stylish black unit that is not only different from most AV receivers in the market, but will also look really smart on your home entertainment media unit.

Average User Rating:

  • “I bought this component to take advantage of all the features of my Sony Bravia XBR KDL-52XBR6 TV and Sony BDP-S550 1080p Blu-ray Player. The integration into my system was as easy as possible. The sound field set up was simple with the included microphone. The Theatre Sync feature worked perfectly. I added a Sony TDM-IP1 Digital Media Port iPod Dock for my iPod. The best part was obviously the sound. Without the 7.1 surround, you’re missing half of the movie. Also, music from the iPod takes on a whole new dimension with the A/V receiver’s selectable sound fields. The price, ease of connection, and feature integration make it perfect for my home theater needs. The upscaling feature of the A/V receiver compensates for the lack of a 1080p signal on regular cable. Overall, I’m very pleased. The picture and sound are state-of-the-art and I can still afford my daughter’s college tuition.” – M.T.Newkirk (CO,USA)
  • “I bought this receiver to replace my Denon AVR-1707 which was amazing but I needed to upgrade to compliment my PS3 and 42″ TV. The GUI is amazingly easy to work with and the amp does a great job on its own. The ability to adjust between PLXII, Nueral-THX, and Neo6 for non-digital signals to get great simulated surround was very well developed. I highly recommend this receiver for anyone who wants a great high end receiver. It won’t ever compare to a Krel or Sunfire but for the price, it’s the best I can see myself using.” – C.A.Thompson


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