Mitsubishi HC7000

When buying a new HDTV, a lot of things need to be considered such as the image quality, frame performance, and other key features. Another challenge is to find a TV with good features that nicely fits the budget. If the size of the TV will be more than 50 inches, chances are low to find a budget model that is rich in features.

Other people consider getting a home theater projector instead, but more decisions need to be made before buying one and they are quite different when compared to TVs. One major difference is the manufacturers that produce these projectors. Some companies like Mitsubishi make both projectors and TVs, but TVs made by other manufacturers like Samsung and Sony are more popular. That does not mean that the Mitsubishi HC7000 should be skipped because it presents some special features that cater to certain home theater setups.

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Mitsubishi HC7000

Mitsubishi HC7000 Projector


The Mitsubishi HC7000 was released late 2008, but it is still noticeable for being the Mitsubishi’s first projector in the “Diamond Series“. Compared to the existing HC3800 and WL2650U high definition projector models, the HC7000 is a lot sleeker whether it is placed on a table or mounted on a ceiling. The only downside to this new design is the lack of a white version which some customers prefer.

The good news is that the HC7000 is more convenient with some of the other models when it comes to replacing the lamp. The Side Access Lamp makes it possible to make these replacements without turning the projector making ceiling lamp replacements easy.

The older Mitsubishi HC5000 made a reputation for silent fan operation. This HC7000 managed to re-engineer it to run with even less noise dipping below 19dBA. The internal redesign was also made to achieve lower heat outputs. Since the lamp is only 160W, the air circulation system does not have to be as powerful and therefore runs with less noise. Two HDMI v1.3 inputs are available for other HD equipment to connect to. The other inputs that may be essential like the Mini D-Sub and S-Video are present too.


The Mitsubishi HC7000 is more than just a new design as it is powered by the latest Silicon Optix Reon VX chip. This dramatically reduces the noise of images and reproduces pictures nicely. There is no noticeable push or bias and the colors are well saturated when viewing all kinds of content. When taken out of the box, the HC7000 should perform nicely even without calibration. Those that are into color calibration will be delighted to know that the HC7000 makes it very simple.

One important thing to note is that the Mitsubishi HC7000 is not the brightest high-definition projector in the market even when it was first introduced. It is only rated for a max of 1,000 Lumens, but it is the contrast performance that really shines.

Mitsubishi made some changes to the auto iris system so it closes more tightly and adjusts faster. This leads to improved black levels when dark scenes are shown. In fact, showing a black image looks as if the projector is shut off. The contrast ratio is 72,000:1 and the Next-generation inorganic C2 Fine LCD Panels maintains this contrast ratio even after long hours on full-HD resolutions.

Although the Mitsubishi HC7000 was introduced as a costly device starting at almost $4,000, some extra features are present to save some money. The first is the ability for users to permanently install an anamorphic lens so the costly motorized tracks are no longer needed. The second is the long lamp life where the lamp is rated at about 2,000 hours when normal mode is activated. This can be increased to 5,000 hours when the eco mode is used instead. With lamp prices at around $330, that translates to around 7 cents an hour.

Bottom Line

The Mitsubishi HC7000 a serious theater projector. While other projectors are more versatile, the HC7000 is quiet and has excellent contrast making it an excellent choice for your home theater. It is reasonably priced for the performance you are getting.

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