Mitsubishi HC6800

Choosing an HDTV is fairly tough these days, but there are many budget choices and familiar brand names such as Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, and others that frequently unveil the newest technologies that consumers will like especially if they want a great home theater experience. Choosing a home theater projector amplifies that experience because the screen sizes can reach amazing sizes without investing on a huge LCD, LED, or plasma display.

One of the concerns in choosing a projector involve the many more brands that are in the industry. Some brands do not compete directly in a majority of their products like Panasonic and Optoma or Epson and Mitsubishi. This makes it tough to decide which technologies are better overall and the technologies are important in order to attain an image quality that is enough to rival the latest HDTVs out there. Some projectors are quite costly too so it is important to make the product is worth its price. The Mitsubishi HC6800 is ready for Blu-ray playback, has some nice features and the price falls below $3,000 in some online stores.

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Mitsubishi HC6800 Projector

Mitsubishi HC6800 Projector


The Mitsubishi HC6800 looks futuristic at first glance with lots of curves and smooth finishes. The trendy design comes with a trendy fan that hardly produces any noise. Once the low power mode is activated, the HC6800 nearly runs silent reaching 20dBA levels. The difference between that mode and full lamp mode is hardly noticeable too. It can be mounted on the ceiling without worrying about replacing the lamp because of the Side Access Lamp feature.

The HC6800 is equipped with two HDMI-in ports to connect other devices that support high-definition. A traditional VGA port along with component, S-Video, and serial ports are available as well.

Actual user review:
“Absolutely the best piece of electronics I have ever bought. The image quality is amazing. I’ve matched it with SI 92” screen, an Onkyo tx-sr608 receiver and Klipsch speaker 7.2 all the way around. I will never be going to a movie theater again. All I can say is “WOW”!” – Mizzou (USA)



There are many strengths present in the Mitsubishi HC6800 that make up for its lack of frame interpolation. Overall, the image quality is great with little digital noise and no pixelation present. There are no blown out highlights and no areas that are too sharp. The IDT ReonVX next generation full 10-bit video processor is just one of the components that are necessary for processing these high-quality images. Another is the refined HD compatible lens system which contains 17 elements in 14 groups. The most noticeable are the three extra-low dispersion lenses that enhance peripheral focus and chromatic aberration. Combined with the 1080p resolution, the latest Blu-ray movies look good. Some calibration is required to balance the colors since the default settings show signs of excessive green, but the problem is solvable.

The brightness and contrast must also be good enough to be considered an alternative for some of the pricier LCD, LED, and plasma models. Most home theaters reach around 1500 Lumens which is fine for regular home theater setups, but do not perform as well in dark rooms. Fortunately, the Mitsubishi HC6800 is the brighter performer compared with most of the competition measuring about 700 Lumens. Even if the 1.6x zoom lens is utilized to the maximum wide angle, only 13% of the light is reduced compared to over 25% for other models. The powered zoom feature is essential for accommodating other widescreen formats like 2.40 and 16:9. The low lamp mode is advisable because it doubles the lamp life to 4,000 hours and decreases the lumen output only by 28%. The contrast rating is not high at 30,000:1 compared to other projectors, but for its price, shadow details look exceptional even when the size extends to 120 inches diagonally. The viewable size can even extend to 300 inches with the minimum being 50 inches. Mitsubishi added some flexibility to the HC6800 home theater projector by including two anamorphic modes without additional costs.

Bottom Line

Aside from the calibration and frame interpolation issues, there are hardly any major disadvantages of the Mitsubishi HC6800. Other competing models that are competitively priced may display good images as well,but that is only because many manufacturers are finally doing the 1080p quality right. The importance is now shifted to key features and technologies and Mitsubishi definitely delivers. Those that are heavily into watching movies will enjoy this projector and the futuristic design and long lamp means that it is a solid performer that will last awhile and can be taken to other areas too.

Average User Rating:
More user reviews:

This product is a tremendous value and has delivered all that was promised. Auto lens shift features are a real plus and setup and adjustments are very intuitive. Ultra short throw was a main concern and I have zoom-to-spare throwing an image from 10.5 feet onto a 92 inch diagonal screen. In darkened theater, the low lamp setting (with estimated lamp life of 4,000 hours) is exceptional and with a cinema color setting, videos are warm, rich, smooth and blacks are outstanding. I spent 6 months looking for this and am very pleased with this unit. I’d highly recommend it. “ – AzLorenzo (USA)

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