Epson PowerLite 8700UB

Large or sophisticated home cinema systems deserve to have a fantastic display because it is the display that will serve as the main highlight for watching movies, TV shows, and even playing video games. Consumers have various options to take and getting the biggest display that can fit in the room is the likely option because large HDTVs that are 50 inches or higher look fantastic regardless of the model. Larger TVs will cost more not just because of their size but also because of their extra features like Internet connectivity. However, this is not needed if the media player has these features. One good way to spend less but still enjoy a very large display is to get a quality home cinema projector and Epson offers the high end PowerLite Home Cinema 8700UB for serious home theater enthusiasts.

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema UB8700

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8700UB


At first glance, the PowerLite 8700UB looks like an average projector that is meant for computers. The white design symbolizes that it is optimized for home cinema usage and it looks good. In fact, it looks like many of the other PowerLite Home Cinema projectors especially when looking at the back of the projector. It has 2 HDMI 1.3 ports along with the standard set of connections consisting of a composite video, component, S-video, VGA, and RS-232c. This should allow various gaming consoles or media players to be hooked up to the projector. The design is optimized for efficiency to maximize air flow and it uses a larger filtration system compared to the older projectors.


The Epson 8700UB focuses heavily on power and technologies to deliver breathtaking experiences on the large scale. It opens up with a strong 200,000:1 contrast ratio which is considered high for home cinema projectors and it is backed up with the UltraBlack technology which reduces the light leakage while increasing the translucency resulting to a far better deep black performance. Other colors look good as well because the color gamut is much wider thanks to its unique cinema filter. This allows broadcasts and films to look exactly the same way filmmakers and producers intended to make them look. There is also a Gauge 5 video processing chip which improves the look of gradations from light colors to darker colors.

The deep black levels are also good because of the Dual-Layer Iris system which handles the light reduction rate. Combined with the Auto Iris function makes sure that it uses the right amount of light depending on the content so energy is saved while image clarity is optimal. There are 3 user modes available that suits different kinds of material such as the High Speed mode for films with tense action sequences.

The main highlight of its energy efficiency is its proprietary E-TORL lamp which can last up 4000 hours before a change needs to be considered. Using the high brightness setting for better contrast does not affect the lifespan very much either.

More enhancements are made to the image quality thanks to the PW 390 Plus HQV Reon-VX which makes sure noise is reduced and that edges appear much sharper. This Silicon Optix HQV processor is so powerful that it can handle one trillion processes per second which involve deinterlacing even in the highest resolutions. While ordinary HDTVs boast some attractive specs like 120 Hz refresh rates, the PowerLite Home Cinema 8700 UB impresses with the FineFrame interpolation processing which makes use of interpolated frames to achieve a similar 120 Hz refresh rate without the flicker and judder. The is most noticeable when watching Blu-ray titles that take advantage of 1080p resolutions which the projector supports. It also supports Blu-ray titles that use the anamorphic 2.31:1 aspect ratios so black bars are no longer seen when watching on the projector.

The lens gets a few treatments as well to support the sophisticated internals. Called the Opti-Cinema lens system, picture clarity is emphasized equally in all areas of the image. The lens itself is manufactured by Fujinon which has gained a good reputation in supplying precision camera optics. The optics offers a 2.1x zoom ratio so viewers or gamers can really get up close to the action.

Bottom Line

The Epson PowerLite 8700UB goes for about $2,200 which is about the same price as a low-end or midrange 55-inch HDTV. But this home cinema projector can show great visuals from 92 to 150 inches. It also gets the THX certification making it an ideal companion for other THX-certified components.

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