Pioneer AV Receivers

Quick links to reviews of Pioneer AV Receivers:

  • Pioneer VSX-21TXH – Amongst the myriad of AV receivers the Pioneer VSX-21TXH has hit the market and has shelf space with the elite badge, putting this somewhere in the top class of AV receivers which means that this isn’t as cheap as some on offer. So is the extra cost worth it for you or do you need to start with something simpler? This is a member of Pioneers flagship group of receivers and is packed to the guns with the latest and best in home cinema entertainment system technology, so just what is it that makes the Pioneer VSX-21TXH so special? Click here for latest offer on Pioneer VSX-21TXH at
  • Pioneer VSX-519V-K – Offering ample connections for all your video, audio, and portable devices, the Pioneer VSX-519V-K 5-Channel A/V Receiver will quickly become the hub of your home-entertainment system. Fully ready for the latest HD sources including Blu-ray Disc, the VSX-519V-K has multiple HDMI inputs and video connections to give you the clearest signal available for a high-definition picture and life-like sound.
  • Pioneer VSX-819H-K – On review today is the Pioneer VSX-819H-K AV receiver which is considered to be either the most expensive of the level entry receivers, or just possibly the cheaper end of the mid range spectrum. Looking for an AV receiver can be a bit mind boggling. Who knew that there were so many on offer, even from the same manufacturer, so what is low down and how do you decide which one is for you? Well first of all consider your price band. Most technology falls into three categories: the level entry, the mid range and the top end. Where possible it is generally best to aim for the highest you can, so a cheaper mid range is worth the stretch if you can easily afford the top whack of the level entry. Click here for latest offer on Pioneer VSX-819H-K.
  • Pioneer VSX-919AH-K – A good starting point for home entertainment systems could be the Pioneer VSX-919AH-K, which has been well received. So let’s look at the good, the bad and the ugly of this unit so you can consider whether this is the start you were looking for. Click here for latest offer on Pioneer VSX-919AH-K at
  • Pioneer VSX-1019AH-K – The Pioneer VSX-1019AH-K AV Receiver has been on the market for some time, so by now you may well want to know more about this unit and whether or not it could be the AV receiver for you. What we have here is a midrange unit, so you immediately know that it is going to perform to a fairly high level, knocking spots off the budget range alternatives, but how does it compare to the high level top priced units that you would love to own but just can’t seem to justify the expense of? Click here for latest offer on Pioneer VSX-1019AH-K at
  • Pioneer VSX-520-K – The Pioneer VSX-520-K delivers amazing home theater performance in an elegant package at a surprising value. With connectivity options for all your latest high-definition home theater components, the VSX-520-K takes it a step further with support for the latest high-definition audio formats, and support for your portable devices via a front panel mini-jack input and compatibility with Bluetooth sources.
  • Pioneer VSX-820-K – Get a truly plug-and-play iPhone experience with your home theater. Thanks to the VSX-820-K’s “Works with iPhone” certification, you can enjoy music, movies, downloaded TV shows from iTunes, photos, and more. Unlike other receiver lines, there’s no need to buy a separate dock to enjoy your iPhone with your home theater. This included cable also works with most generations of iPod Classic, nano, and iPod Touch.
  • Pioneer VSX-920-K – Share your videos, and enjoy music with full album information on your TV. Your iPhone’s wireless and network features remain fully functional and music and movies will mute when you receive an incoming call. And you’ve got lots of control options–use the iPhone directly, or push a single button on the VSX-920-K’s front panel to switch control to the included preset remote and an intuitive text GUI.
  • Pioneer VSX-1020-K – The Pioneer VSX-1020-K delivers amazing home theater performance in an elegant package. With connectivity options for all your latest high-definition home theater components and digital 1080p upscaling from any source, the VSX-1020-K takes performance a step further with multi-zone support: choose either a 7.1-channel configuration, or create a second zone with 5.1 + 2 channels. And the VSX-1020-K brings extensive connectivity for your digital media via Ethernet and a front USB input, and compatibility with Bluetooth sources.
  • Pioneer VSX-1120-K – Your iPhone’s music will always sound its best thanks to Pioneer’s exclusive Advanced Sound Retriever technology, which restores lost data in compressed music files. So even in a big room, you’ll get much closer to the artist’s original intent from you iPhone, iPod or other MP3 player. And Auto Level Control means a smooth, consistent listening experience with no jarring volume changes between your favorite songs and albums.
  • Pioneer VSX-23TX-H
  • Pioneer VSX-9040TX-H – The Pioneer VSX-9040TXH is a mid-priced 7.1 channel AV receiver designed for a multi-channel, multi-room, home theater system. It comes with support for all high resolution audio formats, plenty of inputs and outputs for all your devices and THX Select 2 Plus certification. Pioneer has included a full set of useful features not usually available on other similarly priced receivers. Click here for latest offer on Pioneer VSX-9040TXH at
  • Pioneer SC25 – The Pioneer SC-25 is one of the newest babies to be born to the Pioneer AV receiver family and is considered royalty amongst its peers, being one of the elite brand of receivers. It makes for a high end piece of kit that comes with a matching high end price tag that will get the bank manager ringing in a blind panic. However, what makes this unit special and why would you want to have it gracing the shelves of your living room and turning it into a home cinema that is sure to get the neighbors talking? Click here for latest offer on Pioneer SC25 at
  • Pioneer SC27 – The new Pioneer SC-27 AV Receiver is coming to the shelves as a top end class product, for which you will have to pay top end class prices. However, does the unit step up and take the hit for its price tag, or does it prove to be a disappointing strike and fail to impress? Click here for latest offer on Pioneer SC27 at