Onkyo TX-SR307

Increasing numbers of people are starting to take great interest in the latest home entertainment technologies and systems. Movies, music, and video games are continually coming up with better visuals and improved audio quality, which can only be experienced if the right equipment is in employed. This would mean replacing all of your old bulky television displays and outdated stereo systems in favor of the ones that support digital formats. Nowadays, Blu-ray DVD players, gaming consoles (Xbox 360 & Playstation 3 etc.), amplifiers and HD projectors all come with HDMI connections. Without an AV receiver, it would not be possible to wire up all your devices to your TV at the same time, simply because there aren’t enough HDMI inputs. The AV receiver was conceived to solve this conundrum, with the addition of the wonderful ability in higher-end receivers to decode the latest audio coding formats like Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Thus, an AV receiver boosts your system’s audio performance greatly while ensuring sufficient HDMI inputs.

Onkyo TX-SR307 Receiver

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The Onkyo TX-SR307 comes in two colors to match most home theater setups. There are eight circular buttons on the lower center that can be used to toggle the different modes. Directly above are thinner buttons that can set other advanced options like the tone level and listening mode. Above those buttons is the info display for checking out the current mode and other information. The right side of the player lies the big master volume control and a smaller tuning and preset directional pad with three main buttons on the bottom of it. There are also some inputs on both lower ends of the player where the auxiliary inputs can be found. The phones jack is on the left below the music optimizer button. The overall design looks pretty standard for people that are familiar with AV receivers and the brush metal finish makes the device look durable and reliable.


Like other home theater receivers, the Onkyo TX-SR307 functions as a sound amplifier from different audio sources to tie in the different components of the home theater system. It is also capable of routing the video signals coming from different sources to the television display. Any devices connected to it can be configured through the Onkyo TX-SR307 either by remote control or by using the buttons on the panel.


The main feature of the Onkyo TX-SR307 is its support of up to three HDMI inputs fully supporting 1080p resolutions. This means that it is possible to hook up modern video sources like any of the latest Blu-ray disc players, video consoles like the PS3, and other HD broadcasts. It also has 2 component video inputs and 4 composite video inputs although an S-video port is absent.

The front panel inputs make it possible for other audio devices to work including the portable media devices like iPods. Unlike other AV receivers, audio files that are compressed sound much better when the Music Optimizer technology is utilized. Activating the feature is as easy as pressing a single button without the need of any complicated configuration. For gamers, additional options can be set to optimize the sound quality depending on the type of game being played or what type of sounds the game has. Rock, Action, Sports, and Role Playing are the available settings to choose from.

The audio is further topped with good technologies by Audyssey to improve the listening experience including a Dynamic Volume feature to maintain a comfortable listening level and the 2EQ which automatically calibrates the quality based on the size and type of room this receiver is located in.

It can process the popular codecs with DOLBY Decoder and DTS Decoder support along with PLIIx and NEO6. Because this is a budget model, other features are absent, like the Dolby ProLogic IIz sound processing support, but for a model in the $300, the feature list is impressive enough.

Bottom Line

The Onkyo TX-SR307 is a great budget AV receiver that can instantly perk up any home theater system. The three HDMI ports should be more than enough for people with basic home theater systems and it also has a good number of ports for other devices to hook up to. The audio support is pretty much stripped to the minimum, but it manages to do reasonably well in its functions. It is a start for those on a tight budget and simply looking for cheap solution for their home theaters. It provides all the basic functions an AV receiver should have. All in all, it is a value deal.

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