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Onkyo is a widely respected brand in home audio. Their product line isn’t exactly huge, but their products are all made with one purpose – QUALITY. They usually cost more than than other brands but the price difference is repaid with better performance many times over. Onkyo doesn’t just develop their products, they over-develop them. A case in point is their latest flagship receiver the Onkyo TX-NR5007. The 9.2 channel, network-ready receiver comes with a whopping 8 HDMI inputs, 9 channels of high powered amplification, new surround enhancements from Dolby and Audyssey, as well as a mouth-watering feature set to satisfy the most demanding home theater enthusiast.

It earned the THX Ultra2 Plus certification for its outstanding performance.

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Onkyo TX-NR5007 Receiver

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The TX-NR5007 retains the black handsome fascia of previous models. The retro styling and chunky size is unmistakably Onkyo. The layout is simple and functional. The receiver is flanked by a standby button on the left and a large volume control on the right. The center digital fluorescent readout is clear yet subtle so that it does not affect movie viewing in a darkened room. Below the display is a row of mode selection and source select buttons.

The little “Pure Audio” button just below the Standby button turns off unused video circuits in the receiver to maximize analog performance.

Behind the flip down panel are select buttons for setup, tuning and zone level controls. You also get a headphone jack, mic input, optical digital input, aux input, USB port and an HDMI input on the front.

At 55lbs it is a heavy unit. Make sure you have a sturdy entertainment rack for this receiver.


This flagship Onkyo receiver sports more connectivity options than you would ever need. With 8 HDMI inputs and two HDMI 1.3a HDMI outputs you will never be caught short of inputs plus the flexibility of sending those HD images to a projector and HDTV simultaneously if you wish. Additionally there are 3 sets of component video and 5 composite video inputs. Older video connections are transcoded to HDMI and upscaled to 1080p by the HQV Reon-VX chipset, which delivers some of the best scaling and upconversion we’ve seen.

For analog audio there are nine stereo analog inputs with one for a moving magnet phono and a 7.1 channel analog input, as well as 9.2-channel preamplifier output. Digital audio is handled by the eight HDMI ports and three coaxial and four optical inputs (one front).

Two USB ports, one front and one rear, allow for playing music files off mass storage devices, and an Ethernet port makes it possible for networked PCs (unfortunately Macs are not supported) to be used as music servers or for streaming Internet radio. A SIRIUS satellite radio jack and Onkyo universal port for iPods complete the inputs.

A total of 11 pairs of binding posts are included for speaker connections.


Onkyo up the ante again in the home theater market by incorporating audiophile-grade components in its products. This includes HQV Reon-VX processing for video and large transistors to drive high currents to ensure a stable power supply resulting in audio reproduction that is distortion free even at high volume levels. To ensure ultra-low-jitter for digital signals, high-quality 192kHz/32bit Burr-Brown DACs are employed.

Latest surround sound features like Dolby Pro Logic IIz and Audyssey DSX are also included. Dolby PL IIz adds front height channels while Audyssey DSX creates a more enveloping surround experience through the use of added speakers above the left and right speakers. The TX-NR5007 is the first Onkyo receiver to get Dolby Volume which equalizes the volume so that you aren’t startled out of your seat by commercials.

The 9 channels of amplifiers are rated at 145 watts each and have their own independent power transformers that are separated from the video and audio circuitry. Each of the amps can be individually assigned. If you have main speakers that are large and power hungry, you can even run the amps in bridged mode to give the speakers the extra boost.

This is also a network ready receiver, and has very cleverly been built to work with Windows 7 enabling you to incorporate PC-based audio and internet radio into your home theater set-up. They are out of the box ready to stream Pandora, Rhapsody, vTuner, and Sirius Internet Radio. Connection is through an Ethernet cable although it would have been really nice to see the inclusion of Wi-Fi or bluetooth.

Setup and Performance

Setting up is pretty straight forward, but it pays to go through the manual if you are unfamiliar with setting up a home theater receiver.

The 9.2 channels are designed for flexibility in setup. You can run all 9 channels or have a full 7.2 system with two channels for a second zone. Alternatively set it up to power 2 independent stereo zones in addition to a 5-channel theater set-up. The choice is yours.

After running Audyssey MultEQ XT to correct for frequency response of the room, the sound was warm and well balanced. Depending on your taste, the bass was slightly subdued for multi-channel music but adequate for action movies with a lot of low frequency information.

Not unexpectedly, the NR5007’s picture quality is top notch.

On the Star Trek blu-ray disc, the picture was pristine and laser sharp with an abundance of details. There were minor traces of grain in dark scenes of space but every nuance near black was clearly revealed while maintaining superb contrast. Scenes on the steps of Starfleet Academy burst with rich colors from the blue sky, red uniforms and the green grass. The sound was pitch perfect in Blu-ray’s 5.1 Dolby TrueHD lossless audio track. Torpedoes hitting into their targets and starships accelerating into warp speed set off satisfyingly deep bass.

The NR5007 could also stand on its own as a music playback system. The high grade components used in the signal path helped in delivering a lively and dynamic yet warm sound. With “Pure Audio” mode selected, on the ‘River: The Joni Letters‘ CD, Herbie Hancock’s piano timbre shimmers with rich harmonics and Wayne Shorter’s tenor sax filled the room with incisive presence.

Bottom Line

The Onkyo TX-NR5007 is a great sounding AV receiver with more features and connectivity than you would ever need. By including all the latest audio and video processing features you don’t have to worry about it being outdated for many years to come. Sonically and picture wise, the Onkyo TX-NR5007 is exceptional. Build quality is top notch. It certainly lives up to its flagship status and is well worth the price tag.

Actual User review
This receiver will not disappoint you in any way. It has all kinds of features that are very unique. The sound and picture quality is excellent. Setup is pretty easy to do. If you can afford this receiver, I strongly urge that you buy it. You will be glad that you did. – R.Kaliszewski (USA) Amazon Verified Purchase

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