Onkyo Offers Mobile HD Link For Its 2012 Receivers

In a new development, Onkyo recently teamed up with Silicon Image to develop the world’s first AV receivers with InstaPrevue and MHL (Mobile high-definition link) technology.

The integration of MHL will definitely make integration of smartphones and mobile devices easier in the living room. Onkyo’s integration features an MHL port that allows for compatible devices to output uncompressed 1080p video content which carries up to 8 channels of audio. More and more devices now come with MHL connectivity like the HTC Rezound and Samsung Galaxy S II.

Further, the addition of InstaPrevue could prove exciting for those with numerous devices. The technology provides a picture-in-picture preview of each active HDMI / MHL video source, making the days of choosing from a nondescript text-based list a thing of the past.

InstaPrevue provides live picture-in-picture previews so users can switch between numerous sources, including Blu-ray players, games consoles, set-top boxes and other HDMI or MHL-connected products.

By using InstaPrevue, you no longer need to cycle through the inputs on the home cinema receiver (HDMI 1, HDMI 2 etc) to switch between source components. Instead, you just click on the relevant picture.

MHL-enabled AV receivers provide power to the mobile device when connected via MHL, so your mobile or tablet will still be fully charged after watching a full-length movie.


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