Marantz SR6006

The Marantz SR6006 the latest home theater receiver that encompass sound, picture and networking all in a compact box. This receiver replaces the SR 6005 and comes with a few new upgrades.

Marantz SR6006

Marantz has now added 7 HDMI inputs that support 3D with 2 simultaneous outputs. This means you can watch movies on 2 HDTVs at the same time! DLNA 1.5 and AirPlay support are included. There are also new internet radios streaming capabilities. This includes Rhapsody, Napster, Pandora and Flickr. You can also make use of the Marantz Wizz App for added control as well as an optional Bluetooth connectivity for Bluetooth enabled devices.

Design and Connectivity

The star and circle porthole display offers a sophisticated and sleek look. The input selector and volume knob on either side of the front panel give the SR6006 a balanced look. The unique circle display and the row of easy-access buttons add to the minimalistic feel of the entire design.

In addition to the 7 HDMI inputs, the SR6006 offers 2 Digital coaxial and Optical inputs each. You will also have 5 Composite and 2 Component inputs as well. For ‘plug-n-play’ convenience, you will find 1 HDMI, 1 USB input and a earphone jack on the front panel. Marantz uses the M-XPort input for Bluetooth support and you can purchase the RX101 receiver module separately for this to work.

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Marantz has included DLNA support for another option for wireless connectivity. With DLNA certified products and a wireless home network connection, you will be able to stream movies, photos, or music from one device to another. You can also print and play video games with fewer wires.

The SR6006 has support for up to 3 audio zones. You will be able to have 3 room to 3 source output with powered and line-level stereo audio output for Zone 2. You will have line-level stereo audio output for Zone 3 and only analog sources can be played in these 2 zones.


This stylish SR6006 has 110 watts powering each of its 7 channels. To enable excellent sonic performance, the Marantz SR6006 offers discrete, wide range current feedback power. The Pure Direct Mode will turn off all unused circuitry to render the cleanest sound possible. The back surround speaker channels are also assignable for bi-amping the front left and right speakers. A digital-to-analog convertor converts at 192 kHz/24 bit for all channels.

The on-board decoding will reproduce high-definition audio to render the cleanest and purest audio. The SR6006 include the Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio to give you a great cinematic experience. For and enveloping sound experience, the Dolby ProLogic IIz will control the vertical dimension of your front soundstage.

The Audyssey Dynamic Volume will help to give you a steady volume while enjoying movies or regular TV broadcast. This will minimize the sudden increase in volume when the TV commercials kick in. When audio volume is low, the Audyssey Dynamic EQ will keep your sound full and well-balanced.

Setting up your speakers is positively easy with the Audyssey MultEQ technology. With the help of the set-up mic, adjusting the levels, equalization and settings will be accurate and balanced. Sound will be adjusted for your speaker size, level and distance. MultEQ will also identify and correct the room’s frequency response and for any other anomaly. There will not be just one ‘sweet spot’ in the room, but 8 listening positions. This will ensure everyone will have the same audio experience in your customized space.

Since playback of compressed media is very popular, Marantz has included a technology that will offer lossless sound from MP3 or AAC. M-DAX does this by calculating the output frequency range so that the original, broad and detailed sound is produced.


Michael Bay’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon was a visually entertaining film. The exciting action sequences were fully accompanied by the exhilarating soundtrack that will make fans lap up every minute of it.

This 3D film on blu-ray displayed a eye-popping variety of colors that was rich and bright. Black levels were inky and luscious. This provided great shadow delineation and visual appeal. Contrast and detailing were excellent and vivid. Every pore and hair can be seen clearly as well as grains on the wood-work exhibited details.

The Marantz SR6006 handled the energetic action without judder or degradation. The collaboration of the camera work and action sequences gave you the feeling of being caught right in the scene. The distance and separation of the 3D effect between the robots and background was superb which added to immersive experience.

The audio experience was so immersive that you really feel enveloped. You will be able to feel the sense of space through the combat scenes. The clashing or grinding of the metal moved across form in front of you. Directionality and balance was awesome. The bass effect gives another dimension of reality. It was full and punchy. Amidst the explosion and robots crashing, dialogue was still clear and well balanced.

We also played Hitman Returns: David Foster & Friends on blu-ray. The result was as amazing as you would expect. The sound was lossless and directionality was handled well. The presentation was well-balanced and breath-taking. Trebles were very clean and stable, filled with exquisite fidelity. Clarity and dynamics were impeccable with first class sonics. Whether you were a fan of David Foster or not, the quality and immersive experience rendered was perfect.


The Marantz SR6006 is a receiver that will give you good, clean power. The output and quality it renders is first class. It has the capability to keep you up to date with its networking features and regular firmware updates. It is also one of the few receivers on the market that features 2 HDMI outputs. This is the receiver of choice if you are looking for a well-featured unit that looks good and sounds good all at the same time.

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