Marantz SR6005

Those that are setting up large home theater systems need to get ready to shell out some serious cash on a decent AV receiver. This is where the difficult part comes because there are lots of home theater receivers that claim that they are capable in handling the large home theater configurations. The back of the AV receiver can seemingly tell the story since it is easy to check how many available ports it is. However, an AV receiver is more than just connecting everything together. An AV receiver should be capable of handling the latest equipment as well as enhance the overall audio and video quality of various signals. The Marantz SR6005 AV Receiver is set to meet these objectives.

Marantz SR6005


Marantz has built the SR6005 like any other company would in terms of material. The brush metal design continues to be a staple amongst the different AV receivers and that is important for long lasting usage. What Marantz has done a bit differently is the way they laid out the controls on the front panel. Only the volume and input selector controls are visible in their usual spots and the display is as large as necessary to display all sorts of information. Everything else is hidden behind a panel that folds downward so the menu, zone select, status, and other features can be accessed. The bottom portion is the area where things can be plugged in like the setup mic, headphones, and various inputs.

Actual user review:
“I received a Marantz 6005 a few days ago and have been auditioning it since then. I’ve also auditioned, over the last four weeks, the Yamaha RX-V667, Marantz SR5005, Denon 3310, Pioneer 1120, and Onkyo 808. So how does the 6005 compare to the others? Overall, I rank the Marantz 6005 as the best receiver I’ve auditioned. And after enduring a range of comments from my wife regarding why I have been purchasing so many receivers, the 6005 will also be the last receiver I’ll audition for at least the next few years. This one’s a keeper. Granted, the 6005 doesn’t win any awards in the value department and it was the only receiver where I paid full price. But I confidently believe it is worth it. “ – MJT (St. Louis, MO)



The SR6005 is a lot like the SR5005 in many ways but the SR6005 can handle more HD devices simultaneously. Up to 6 devices can use the HDMI interface making it ideal for anyone who has multiple media players or multiple gaming consoles. All kinds of devices that rely on HDMI should work including the ones with 3D support since every HDMI input and output are version 1.4a which means that 3D and Return Channel support is in. There is no more audio cable that needs to be connected to the display and 3D HDTVs should work just fine.

It also opens up a feature known as Pass Through which triggers during standby mode allowing the display audio system to be used during moments where the loudspeakers are not necessary. This can come in handy when trying to conserve electricity.

The Marantz SR6005 comes out strong in performance with a fairly complete set of audio modes including Dolby Pro Logic IIz separate Pro Logic IIx settings for games, music, and movies along with several DTS Neural surround, Dolby Virtual Speaker, and DTS Neo:6. Properly using these modes greatly enrich the surround sound experience regardless of the setup. The Audyssey MultEQ feature can assist in the setup process. It involves connecting a special microphone so the SR6005 can generate special algorithms to correct and improve the sound so it sounds the same way artists want them.

Video processing features are equally good as long as the HDMI cable is relied upon. The Anchor Bay video processor can upscale any old video sources to HD quality so they look a lot better on the high definition display.

The SR6005 may not be able to handle 9 channels but it can handle 7.2 setups allowing two subwoofers to be used in order to add significant depth. This adds more possibilities with the Dual Zone feature and it works well with the M-DAX processing so even compressed files get respectable sound enhancements. Crossover adjustments can also be made for every individual speakers just in case final adjustments are necessary.

Accessing music stored in an iPod or iPhone is as simple as hooking the device up through USB. It is also easy to connect to Bluetooth phones and other portable media players if the optional RX101 accessory is purchased. It can also provide music to Sirius subscribers while HD radio delivers the content in high quality so they sound just as good as their CD counterparts.


The Marantz SR6005 is priced at about $1,000 and most of the value comes with the expanded connectivity options and the fact that 3D is moving closer to the average consumer. It is important to keep in mind that the SR6005 has the Anchor Bay processor while the SR5005 does not so videos and images should look better.

Average User Rating:
More user reviews:

“I was a big fan of Denon audio equipment for a long time. I used Denon home theater receivers for last 10 years. Nothing extreme, just mid-range equipment. This time I decided to give Marantz a try and boy I’m glad I did! This Marantz receiver outperforms Denon and Yamaha competitors in the same price category.

Marantz SR6005 provides very rich and deep sound, which is especially important if you have low or mid-range speakers in your system. Receiver well compensates for the lack of low and treble sounds in modern digital sources. It even has a special feature for that, specifically aiming at MP3, WMA and other digital formats, which lack full spectrum of sound palette.
Audissey 6-point sound check system, which customizes sound experience for your room, works nice. With its help you can get every sound from your DVD or digital media player. Variety of inputs and outputs presented in SR6005 will satisfy every need from a satellite box to a PlayStation. Anything-to-HDMI upconversion works flawlessly, seriously improving picture quality from older sources.”
– Rome In Texas (USA)

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“Sound – Awesome as always from Marantz. Video – Okay but didnt test up-rez on DVDs and such, just blurays and its as fine as id expect it to be. Inputs – It shines here because its got USB for the iAnything to play directly or other such devices (but not all USB devices are compatible). Its also got the ability for bluetooth(separate adaptor) which would be nice to stream music off your laptop/ipad while going around the house or using said device for other stuff without cables grounding you to 1 spot. I give it a 5/5 because it does the trick for me and ultimately delivers in its purpose, quality of sound.” – Lucian B. Boicu (USA)


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