Marantz SR6004

The Marantz SR6004 is a top of the range receiver in the mid-range receiver market and comes with a substantial price tag, so what is all the fuss about? Marantz has certainly been busy, having released a mass of AV receivers recently. We have had the pleasure of seeing most of them and have given an honest opinion to help find the most suitable receiver for you. So how did we feel about the Marantz SR6004 when it arrived recently on the desk? We once more set about putting a new AV receiver through its paces.

Marantz SR6004 Receiver

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For the second time, we had a massive sense of deja vu as we opened the box. The SR6004 is a copycat model of the already reviewed SR6003. Marantz have also used matching designs on their SR5003 and SR5004 pair, both units looking identical and therefore, the second example of a clean front panel that we are not too sure if we like it or find it a little too bare and unfinished for our liking. However, to recap in case you missed the SR6003 review, this is a well styled chunky unit which has molded glass-resin edging panels, creating sleek curves. The aluminum panel in the center adds a touch of opulence and features simply the LED display panel, 2 large control knobs and one small power switch. Everything else is hidden behind a rather obvious slide down panel.


This receiver comes with Bluetooth built-in and the slightly less functional infrared signals, which is a bonus for your horde of bluetooth devices – think mobile phones, laptops for streaming internet content and more. It certainly adds a depth of connectivity that isn’t present on all AV receivers in this class and we like it a lot.

Again, this is another example of a Marantz 7-channel set up, and each channel is packing a 110 watt punch which isn’t going to take out Tyson, but is adequate for the speaker set up that is likely to run off this unit. The bonus of Audyssey MultiEQ means that the system can detect and adjust for the speakers in the room so you won’t be disappointed with the overall performance, whether you want to create a full orchestral sound in your living room or whether you are looking to leave the children hiding from the baddies in a high action flick with realistic sound effects coming at them from every corner of the room. Whilst we are on movie performance, the Marantz SR6004 performed well in our tests with Blu-ray, giving superior picture quality and color that is as close to a cinema performance as it gets. The picture was beautifully stable and there wasn’t a trace of jagging which is good, but the expected standard at this level.

The back panel of the Marantz SR6004 is nice and clean. There is a lot on there but it has been well organized and doesn’t look crowded or confusing. There is a lot of color, but the connectors are grouped with heavy white lining and clearly marked to help you find what you are looking for. It also features the now standard power connector, with Marantz choosing to make this fully removable, leaving scope for a longer lead or easier cord feeding through cabinet panels and the like – small idea, big benefits we think.

The only downside we found on the Marantz SR6004 is that it doesn’t have multiple subwoofer outputs. Whilst we acknowledge that this still isn’t an industry standard and isn’t new technology by any means, the users that the Marantz SR6004 is targetted at is likely to want this function and are going to find themselves out of luck.

Bottom Line

We like this unit alot. It is better than Marantz’s other AV receiver that is bluetooth-ready as the adapter is in the box. Although we know the Marantz SR6004 costs a whopping $400 more and the Bluetooth adapter costs only $130, this is clearly a far superior unit. The watts per channel are more realistic, the build quality and styling are classier. Most importantly, this receiver is not only good at what it was designed to do, it looks great on the entertainment unit too!

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