Marantz SR6003

The Marantz SR6003 AV Receiver is amongst a range of products recently released by Marantz, and this is on the cusp of being a mid range receiver. Certainly, in terms of money, it sits at the top of the entry level range as it will set you back a grand. Considering the Marantz SR6003 doesn’t come cheap, does it hit the mark and justify the price tag or is this just beyond the money for the functions it offers?

Marantz SR6003 Receiver

Marantz SR6003 Receiver


Lifting this unit out of the box, it became clear immediately that this is one of the cleanest front panels we have ever seen, but have the Marantz people gone too far and left it looking rather sparse? To be honest, opinions are divided. Under some lighting conditions, you will love this unit, while some others leave you with the opinion that the front panel is somewhat bare and unfinished. The latest styling from Marantz sees a sleek center aluminum panel with molded glass resin compound on either side, giving the box a graceful curve in the jet-black finish seen so often in AV receivers. The LED display is centered at the top half of the front panel and is easy to read with white lettering. On both sides of the front panel sit two main control knobs, and a small power button is located at the bottom left. All the other front controls have been hidden behind a slide down panel, which would have been better if it was more invisible though it is screamingly obvious there is something hiding there. Overall, we have to say opinions are split on looks alone. It is going to be up to the individual as to whether looks are a determining factor or irrelevant and performance is all-important.

Actual user review:
“I have had the 6003 for the last three weeks. I upgraded from the HK avr 7200. I am very pleased with the sound quality and the switching. I set up the unit with hdmi cables and did not have to use a dozen calbles I had previously connected to the HK. I set the unit up using the Audyssey mike and auto set up. I had to make minor adjustments in the bass (added about 10 db). I love this receiver and highly recommend it.” – J.E.Tomasino Jr.



This is another standard 7 channel unit that has 100 watts per channel which is finally about on a par with others in the field. The back of the unit is awash with connectors and a mass of color, and at first glance it is complicated and completely mind boggling, but thankfully, the color coding and labeling makes connecting the rest of your home cinema machines straightforward. There is one USB port, which means that you will be able to connect an iPod or MP3 player and get immediate access to your favorite songs. It also has a removable power lead rather than the molded cord that normally protrudes from most cinema equipment, which we like, as it acknowledges that you may want to have a longer cord to reach your power sources, or that you may want to feed the cord through a back panel of a unit without having to first remove the plug to pass it through the gap.

There is plenty of space on the unit to accommodate your own personal combination of DVD players, Satellite boxes, games machines such as the Xbox or Wii or whatever else you want to include in your home system. The only thing missing here that you can get from other leading competitors who are in the mid range band too is the networking capabilities, which would require this unit to have an Ethernet port. Sadly it hasn’t gotten that far. That said, it is still a cracking piece of kit for the money.

Bottom Line

There are some missing niceties but we can forgive those. The unit does come crammed full of technology, meaning you are guaranteed an excellent sound performance with Marantz favoring DTS HD master sound as their primary sound controller. We are also pleased to see that they have added the Audyssey MultiEQ, that made its debut for Marantz in another of Marantz’s receivers. This clever piece of technology will automatically sense your speaker set up and compensate and balance them as needed. Visually, you will not be disappointed either as Dolby TrueHD and DTS High Resolution combine to produce an excellent display that is both sharp and stable.

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