Marantz SR5003

The Marantz SR5003 AV Receiver is a level entry piece of kit, and rightly or wrongly we are going to assume that people browsing the level entry end of the market are more than likely new to the AV receiver market field, in which case this could be the perfect unit for you – and we will explain why. Although perhaps not a name that rolls off the tip of the tongue, Marantz have been players in the audio world for over 50 years so certainly have experience of what works and what doesn’t work. This is an excellent example of modern kit that meets the aim perfectly and should hold great appeal for you the first time AV receiver owner, who is the target market Marantz had in mind when they built this piece of kit.

Marantz SR5003 Receiver

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The Marantz SR5003 AV Receiver simply oozes style and sophistication, so you can be sure it will look good sitting on the shelf of your home entertainment unit. Marantz have gone for the classic chunky look that we are used to seeing on AV receivers. They are one of the few manufacturers that offer a slim-line unit, so we expected to see a thin unit when we removed it from the box. However, it’s not – but it rocks! This unit has certainly been in the design shop for sometime as it really does look good. It features a center front panel that is finished in aluminum, and is cast on either side of this in black resin which is rounded gently and gives a sleek look. Marantz likes symmetry and this box has uniformity from the mid-line on the majority if its buttons, from the dial either side to the run of 10 smaller buttons under the LED display. The last row has a center rocker button, and to the left three jack connectors, and the right a small sliding door that hides the AUX1 input. We have seen nice looking lines of controls, but the rest of the front panel makes up for it! Overall this is a beautiful unit with an easy to read LED display that is pretty but practical, as the design also very cleverly “absorbs internal and external resonances”. So, this receiver is more than just a pretty face, folks!


Another 7-channel AV receiver, this time the channels each have a 90 watt output, which again is a Marantz low point, as there are other units on offer in the same range that pack a larger punch. However, that said, for most small home set ups this shouldn’t put you off – unless you have a very large room, in which case you may want to look for an AV receiver that can offer more.

What we do like is the inclusion of Audyssey MultiEQ room correction. This is such a clever little piece of technology as it automatically senses and balances the speakers in the room, so we do tend to like boxes that include this as standard! The clever people at Marantz have also added the ability for the SR5003 to deal with all codecs of Blu-ray and HD DVD, which is a definite bonus and not something that is found on all level entry units, giving this receiver a massive edge in its class.

There is a good amount of technology here to support the functionality, with Dolby HD giving rise to an excellent visual performance and DTS-HD taking care of the master audio function. Marantz hangs on to its reputation for excellent sound quality once more with this receiver.

One other little goody that we really like is the radio capability of this unit. It features AM and FM capabilities and the added bonus of being Sirius capable too, which not all receivers in this class achieve, so it is another big thumbs up for the people at Marantz.

Bottom Line

In our opinion, the SR5003 is an excellent piece of kit given the target market and the price that you will be paying. It is an ideal first AV receiver kit, as the ease in which you can set the unit up will give you confidence, and then taking the time to read the manual and have a play will see you wanting to step up to a more sophisticated model in no time. Visually the experience is excellent, and we were more than happy with the Blu-ray tests we carried out. The images were certainly sharp enough, and the colors are good.

Average User Rating:

  • “I previously had a McIntosh amplifier (tube) and preamplifier, then a 150 watt Luxman receiver. I got the Marantz primarily for when I set up my 50″ plasma for surround sound. Right now it’s pushing two Klipasch Chorus II speakers. The sound is quite good although maybe not quite at the level of the Luxman for classical music. For AV purposes the Marantz is really well designed with a huge number of configurations. XM satellite radio was very easy to connect and make active. The sound is very clean and powerful. The remote is quite well designed and can be used as a universal unit.” – R.Wagner
  • “I bought this Marantz receiver on sale from OneCall. It’s in a secondary system with a universal DVD/SACD player, Logitech Squeezebox and an external amp driving a biamped set of speakers. It replaced an analog 2 channel preamp because I decided to add a display and needed HDMI switching. I also needed something with the 12 volt DC trigger output to turn on the external amp, which not many receivers have. This is not a very common feature in this price range. The fact that Marantz has a reputation for giving attention to refining the sound quality of their products helped. I’ve been very happy with it from a feature standpoint as well as performance. The looks are pretty nice too. Overall, despite a few minor ergonomic nitpicks, the Marantz SR5003 is a very nicely made and specced AVR.” – P.E.Heroy (NC,USA)

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