Denon AVR-4810CI

The Denon AVR-4810CI is yet another AV receiver that hit the shelves recently. This is serious top end kit that comes with a hefty price tag to boot. So just what does this unit offer that makes it worth the money, or does it offer more than it can deliver and falls short of being impressive? Read on and see what we found when we reviewed the Denon AVR-4810CI receiver.

 Denon AVR-4810CI Receiver

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Upon removing the Denon AVR-4810CI AV receiver from its packaging, we were pleasantly surprised by its looks. This is one meaty looking, solid feeling piece of equipment that is certainly eye catching. There are clean lines and the front is not over cluttered with excessive buttons. The single molded front panel features a sizeable LCD display screen with most of the text being displayed in white, with some blue lighting. Either side of this you find the control knobs, a smaller one for source selection and a larger one for volume control, both sufficiently large and smooth. Below the source selection dial there are four small selection buttons, and the two power controls. The “On/Standby” button features an almost out of place green backlighting, which may irk the most discerning of gadget nerds who dislike extra light, but otherwise it is perfectly fine. The bottom half features a large drawer, and under the volume dial there are three more small buttons for quick select. Overall, one would be more than happy to have this equipment grace the shelves of their home theater system as it really does look sleek.


Technology is ever advancing, and the world of AV receivers is no exception. We used to consider units with 7 channels to be the best on offer, but the Denon AVR-4810CI has gone one better and now offers 9 channels which add even more to the surround sound capabilities with each of the 9 channels featuring a 140 watt punch, creating sound that is sure to impress. The sound technologies are just packed in and include the MultEQ XT eight point room acoustic measure and correct which is just fantastic and allows the unit to virtually think for itself and compensate for sound levels depending on the size of the room you are setting up your home theater system in.

There are so many names thrown into this unit it reads like an after show party of AV receiver technology, featuring appearances from most importantly, Audyssey sound processing, Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD master audio. The Denon AVR-4810CI just has so many options; you have to know it really well to get the best out of it. The back panel is absolutely littered with connection options. Don’t be alarmed as the technical folks at Denon have color coded and labeled well, so following the manual should be relatively hassle-free.

From a connection point of view it is refreshing to see that they have chosen to make the Denon AVR-4810CI network ready, and connection can be made by the standard Ethernet cable or wirelessly, which is a huge mark in favor of the Denon as this is a really useful tool and well received in the AV field. It is, as you may be expecting iPod ready out of the box, which is another plus as the iPod and iPhone are increasingly common place. The cable needed is in the box which means you can plug in and control the contents from the screen and the comfort of your sofa. It also charges the iPod or iPhone when they are connected. To make this really smooth, you can purchase a small upgrade in the form of an iPod dock, which means no more reaching behind to get to the cable. Simply drop your iPod or iPhone into the dock and you are good to go – how convenient!

The connection capabilities make streaming internet content a breeze and any radio can be plugged in and played. In fact we are struggling to find anything that this AV receiver cannot do. It really does seem to have it all, and more – a whole host of features that you didn’t even know you wanted, yet after just a few weeks will wonder how you managed to live without them.

The video output is, as you might expect, first rate. The images were stable and there were no traces of jagging, just glorious high definition colors with excellent clarity and resolution. And yes, this applies to the Blu-ray collection too – the Denon AVR-4810CI just takes it all in one giant stride and makes it all seem like child’s play. The images were crisp, and the sound quality has depth and doesn’t miss out any minute detail.


This is a top rate gear and really does seem to have it all. There is no way that you would be disappointed with the functionality on offer; however, this is not in any way a unit for the beginner. You need to have some understanding of home entertainment systems, as the customizable functions are tremendous but need to be used properly. We fear that the massive price tag is going to mean that this unit is out of the running for most low end users but that is probably for the best, as hopefully the person that chooses this model has a serious interest in the home cinema experience and really enjoy getting to grips with the amount of options on offer. All in all, if this model is within your budget, it is a must-buy! A valuable addition to complete your home theater system.

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