Denon AVR-2310CI

Denon is well known for making universal media players that can handle Blu-ray media and a variety of other legacy formats. A player like this will eliminate the need for other media devices. However, there could be a need for other digital media devices like gaming consoles and portable devices and plugging them directly to the television’s HDMI ports may not be the greatest idea because of mediocre sound quality. If all the HDMI ports are used, that would spell even more problems.

Getting a Denon AVR-2310CI would put an end to these problems as it serves as an amplifier and a video upconverter. It also houses plenty of new technologies making this one of the best AV receivers worth getting.

Denon AVR-2310CI Receiver

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The design of the Denon AVR-2310CI is meant to perfectly match any of the Blu-ray disc players and other home theater systems. It has a solid smooth black finish with two big knobs on each end. The smaller knob on the left acts as a source selector while the bigger knob serves as the master volume control. The info screen is situated on the upper center of the player and takes up most of the space which is a good thing as there is plenty of useful information and icons displayed. The lower part of the display has thin buttons that activate the core features like ZONE2 and dynamic features.

The lower portion of the receiver has many tiny buttons with the power button on the lower left as the biggest button and glows green. Surround mode buttons are found near the center along with the menu. On the very center is the directional buttons with the enter button on the center. There are also three quick select buttons on the far right.

There are also some jacks on the front including the phones jack and standard aux inputs and setup mic port. The S-video port is also found just next to the aux inputs.

Actual user review:
“I looked around at a lot of receivers before selecting the 2310CI. I decided on the 2310CI based on the features it had that I wanted (multi-room, 1080p, sleep timer, room acoustic set up, ease of use, and a quality brand). I had no problems in setting the unit up, although I did read the directions first and they led me through the steps pretty well. The room acoustic setup was something I wanted because I could never seem to get my old surround receiver set quite right. I am glad I did go for this feature as I can now enjoy a great balanced sound experience from all the speakers in my system from where we sit to watch movies. The video quality is outstanding and for me a noticeable difference from the previous situation. Another nice side benefit is the reduction in remotes I need to operate my system, the Denon does a good job of allowing you to use just the one to operate different brands of equipment. The only drawback I see is it makes all my other equipment seem third rate and in need of replacement. As for ease of use, you can set one of three buttons on the remote to remember the settings you want for movies, music, whatever. And, of course, you can play around with different sound settings to your hearts content. I am very happy with my selection.” – K.Cannon (USA)



The Denon AVR-2310CI like other AV receivers is all about connections that transfer signals to the TV or audio output devices after they are amplified. With five HDMI ports found on the back of the player, virtually every type of popular media device can be plugged into the receiver including a disc media player like the Denon universal players, video game consoles that have the HDMI interface, and newer laptops. The processing power of the Denon AVR-2310CI makes sure that the output quality of video and audio ends is at its peak.


There is plenty to offer in the Denon AVR-2310CI including featured support for the latest high res audio decoders – Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. It is also one of the first AV receivers to implement Dolby Pro Logic IIz which provides additional front channel effects. Some Audyssey technologies are present in the Denon AVR-2310CI like the Dynamic Volume which is great preventative measure for TV watchers that get annoyed when the volume unexpectedly jumps when commercials start to air. Combined with the Audyssey Dynamic EQ, rich and smooth tones are achieved regardless of the volume level. With the aid of the measurement microphone that is also included, room calibration is possible using Audyssey’s MultEQ technology which uses a lot of parameters to get the best setting. There are also three modes to choose from depending on how the receiver is used. When the Blu-ray or DVD player is used, the Cinema setting delivers optimum quality while music players and gaming consoles have their own respective modes.

Each HDMI port has a label which helps with the assigning along with an HDMI out for a monitor or TV. All of the ports are version 1.3a and equipped with Audio/Video repeater functions and support both Deep Color and Color Space support. Video outputs can be upconverted to the full 1080p HD using video processing technologies by Anchor Bay VRS ABT-2010.

Bottom Line

The Denon AVR-2310CI is which with audio decoder features and sound modes. This makes it bulkier than the other receivers being sold, but it is a solid multi-source and multi-zone receiver supporting 7.1 channels. It is also one of the newest players out there with even more connections on the back for even more compatibility yet the price tag falls under $1,000 unlike the higher models.

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