Denon AVR-1910

The Denon AVR-1910 AV receiver hits the market as a mid-range model. It is now a norm for mid-range models that upconvert analog video sources, though many end up with poor picture quality.  However, the Denon AVR-1910 AV receiver shines in this regard as it possesses one of the best upconverted picture quality across the board.

Denon AVR-1910 Receiver

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All Denon products feature similar curved front panels. The classic black lines make for general appeal, and the button layout remains uniformed with the 2 knobs, 7 buttons and two on/off controls. The volume knobs are sufficiently large, while the directional in the center makes for easy menu navigation should the remote be missing. The extra connectors at the front enables the more changeable equipment to be connected and disconnected from the front without needing to fiddle around the back of the unit. It does mean though that this will leave wires sticking out of the front when the unit is in use. However, some people really don’t mind this so it just comes down to personal preference. This receiver has a text-based on screen display, as compared to most other mid-range models sporting a graphical interface. When accessing the menu, you will see white words on a black background. The only drawback with a text-based interface would be the ease of use. In this case, the 1st word that comes up is “parameter”, which may confuse the user. What does “parameter” mean?

Actual user review:
“Always been a fan of Denon’s, have AVR 788 which I love. The most important thing 1910 adds is the Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. These are new ‘lossless’ codecs that Blu-Ray discs now a days have. While not significantly different than normal Dolby/DTS, these provide more possibilities to the sound engineers And since they are starting to use it, better make your receiver to be future proof. I’ve a 7.1 setup and the receiver produces an awesome sound. The setup was a breeze, Audyssey helped somewhat, but I changed the levels to my liking after the Audyssey setup. Crisp, deep sound. Never had my 128kbps mp3s sound so good! Love the dynamic sound control, almost a gimmick but works flawlessly to control the sound during those annoying informercials! HDMI A/V passthrough works great, 4 HDMI inputs are more than enough. Remote is pretty bad, but I have Harmony one which sets up easily to control. As far as other brands, I compared this system to Onkyo’s, Harmon’s, Yamaha’s and this blows them away. Since Marantz and Denon merged a while back, Denon’s have improved their quality to be almost like Marantz. Will recommend the system to anyone who wants professional quality system at almost a bargain price!” – R.Deshpande (USA)



The unit has the normal Denon level technologies so we are looking at Dolby True HD and DTS Master Audio, the 2 highest lossless codecs available. This means that the sound should be top-notch. This receiver offers depth in tone when music is played, something rare in mid-range players. When it comes to watching movies with lots of dynamics (action, sound and detail), you wil still be able to hear everything down to the smallest detail. The picture is nicely stable with crisp clear lines and good color clarity. 

It is Sirius radio ready and has the capability to automatically calibrate the speakers. The range of connectable devices is excellent; however, they do not include out of the box iPod connectivity. It can be added with the purchase of the iPod dock. There are models at this level that have all the cables included, so if you are a massive iPod fan then this may be a hindrance. The Denon AVR-1910 also lacks a USB port and does not have internet radio.  In fact when looked at on their own website, they offer its full range of technical wizardry on tick sheets and we were disappointed to see that there were quite a number of features missing for a product of this caliber. You would expect it from entry level technology, but for a mid-range model, this isn’t impressive when others in the same class have managed to include more.

There is nothing that gets in the way of connectors at the back of the receiver. The standard color coding is there to help you find your way around, which more than suffices. The remote control would have to be the model’s largest disappointement, having very few buttons, which was an attempt by Denon to be different and approach the problem with a clicker wheel instead. However, this design may baffle you and you may well find yourself staring blankly at the remote for ages before you figure out how it works. There is also a hidden panel on the remote which houses all the essential buttons. It is highly suggested that if you decide on getting this receiver, it is wise to get a universal remote control as well.


This Denon AVR-1910 model fits in at the high-end of mid-range models. It is considerably more expensive than other mid-range models that sport more features. It really could do with being a high-level entry product. The plus point here is that speaker set-up and connectivity is a breeze.

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More user reviews:

This is one awesome receiver for the price. Both audio and video perform extremely well and I am over the moon with mine. But take my advice, do some online reading (e.g. Batpig’s useful tips – just Google it) before you get it, when you get it, and for the week after you get it. Why? Because I guarantee that unless you have lots of experience setting up receivers (plus video/audio equipment and their technologies), you will not get it quite right the first time and may sell yourself short in terms of results. Buy it for sure, but be patient and educate yourself. The results are worth it – trust me and the 1,000s of others who are happy they made this choice.” – A.Gill (Barbados)

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We didn’t have an HD TV when we purchased this, so the initial setup was rather complicated with our TV, TiVo, VCR, DVD player, and various game systems. It looks like it’s much easier if you can use HDMI. Once we got it all set up, though, it has been easy to use and the audio quality is fantastic!” – Melanie H. (USA)

First I want to say that this is the best receiver I have ever owned. The sound quality is fantastic, and I’m even running it through some fairly cheap Yamaha speakers (plan on upgrading speakers soon). My family members have all been impressed by the sound. I can hear sounds in movies and songs that I didn’t hear before with my old receiver. But you’ve probably heard all of this in other reviews.

Second and more importantly I wanted to comment on how easy it is to setup. Someone previously wrote a review commenting on how complicated it is to use, and how he owns thousands of dollars of Mac equipment, and blah, blah. I do not understand this at all. I have a Samsung LED LCD TV, a Samsung blu-ray player, a Samsung cable box, a Wii, and I was able to hook them all up and get them all to work with little to no problems at all. I thought the interface was fairly simple and easy to use. The manual is not nearly as difficult to read and understand as other people have said. And the Audyssey software runs you through the setup of the speakers step by step. I even got the Anynet feature to work on my TV, so when I use my TV remote to adjust the sound it adjusts the sound of the receiver and shows you the sound level on the TV for the receiver, and when you turn the TV off it turns the receiver off. The only gripe I have is with the HD decoding: with some blu-ray player models (including my blu-ray player) you have to have the blu-ray player do the HD sound decoding and not the receiver. This is a known issue with this receiver and some blu-ray players. The Denon people on the Denon forums say that it sounds the same regardless of which device does the decoding, and that the only thing you are missing by having the blu-ray player do the decoding is the blue light come on on the receiver. But I still think I would rather have the receiver do the decoding.

Anyways, that is my 2 cents on this excellent receiver. And as a side note, if you are having trouble using this receiver, just Google batpig, and use his guide.” – V.L.Adams (OH,USA)


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