Hardcore movie fans rejoiced when the Denon AVP-A1HDCI – Ultra-Reference 12 Channel A/V Home Theater/Multimedia Preamplifier with Network Streaming and Wi-Fi was released. Fans found the Denon AVP-A1HDCI home theater fulfilled their dreams for top performance, configurability options, and top audio. Some have compared the home theater processor to a Mercedes in style and Acura in price. They would definitely have it right considering this product is $7,500 and has a number of features you cannot help but love.

Denon has spent some time in coming out with this latest model. For a few years the predecessor was the only product available, even to work in conjunction with the Blu-Ray DVD players and your other home theater elements. The reason it took a little while was to offer you perfection. Certainly, you know that technology is always changing, and often a product when released is obsolete a few months later, but not with the Denon AVP-A1HDCI. Instead it sports features that allow it to be customized as technology grows. Waiting until the newest Denon processor is released is foolish, since you have a top quality option right here.

Denon AVP-A1HDCI Home Theater Processor

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The AVP- A1HDCI 12Ch Home Theater Processor is different from other Denon processors and manufacturers. Unlike some processors on the market the Denon AVP-A1HDCI is a pure processor with preamplifier. It does not have an amplifier built into the system like the lower range AV receivers; therefore, it needs the Denon POA-A1-HDCI or the Denon DBP-401UDCI, which are both external amplifiers.

The Denon AVP Processor is unlike any other processor on the market in regards to performance and refinement. There is almost an unlimited amount of configuration abilities within the system, allowing you to hook up the processor with the latest technology and still have a top level performance. While technology can become obsolete quickly, the AVP-A1-HDCI lacks no features making it almost impossible to become obsolete. It also features the latest Firmware Updates, so you can enjoy the Denon Link 4th Jitter Reduction Clock Sync Technology.

Denon AVP-A1-HDCI weighs in at almost 60 pounds, making it one of the more massive processors on the market. When reviewing the product it was discovered this “high end” receiver is definitely something different regarding the key features. A lot of products on the market tend to have empty space inside the box, but when the cover was taken off this processor it was easy to see why it weighs so much. Under the “hood” of the receiver is definitely not a lot of empty space. It is instead packed with components, where you can bet the Denon manufacturer had to increase the chassis in order to fit it all.

The AVP-A1HDCI includes the traditional linear power setup with several high quality capacitors for power stacked side by side inside. It provides a clean and stable power for your home theater experience. There is also a finned heatsink at the top of the box and one below the WiFi Card.

The WiFi card is amazing in its own right with the Realta/ HQV processor. Denon has even stated their processor is the most well balanced on the market. It is easy to see when you look at the input to output ratios. There are 9 for the mains and center/ surrounds, and 3 for the independent subwoofer outputs. It is also possible to add two different pairs of surround sound speakers for the right position for music and movies. To add to the balanced input and outputs, Denon has also added two balanced inputs for the CD input.

Added to the rest of the features is the reduction in noise and distortion relating to the circuit designs. A good circuit design helps to ensure the sounds come out clear without any interference, thus reduction is also found in the RFI/EMI of the Denon AVP-A1. This product does have a disadvantage, but it is only in the cost and complexity of the setup. The complexity of the setup is due in large part to the increased components and internal space being occupied to ensure you can hook up all of your home theater system, game consoles, speakers, etc.

The preamp drivers are rated in Class A meaning they have the highest signal drive possible. The Denon AVP-A1HDCI, like its predecessors, uses the Burr Brown PCM-1796 Dual DAC’s differential. This allows for four per channel adding it to the DDSC-HD audio to increase it to digital output.

For video features the Denon AVP-A1HDCI provides a Silicon Optix Realta HQV to help in processing and scaling. It also has a multi-cadence detection aspect. This provides you with an I/P conversion that is top of the charts. You also have a display that will progressively scan for the video picture you want on a disc. A 10-bit Processor will transform the standard signals into the progressive option to stop any stair-casing effect earlier models have had. The top resolution for High Definition is 1080p right now. The 10-bit processor allows for this signal to get through the HDMI input and output, as well as supporting the strong colors needed for quality video.

The Denon AVP-A1HDCI processor has network streaming, XM radio, iPod, WiFi and other capabilities built into the A/V receiver. All one needs is an Ethernet connection to get the Firmware updates and audio streaming from Internet Radio and other sources.

Bottom Line

Make no bones about it – the Denon AVP-A1HDCI is expensive.  It is purely designed to serve a small group of discerning enthusiasts looking for the holy grail in home theater playback. Build quality, features and specifications meet all requirements in spades. But whether it is your holy grail is an individual decision where only an audition in a proper set-up will provide that answer.

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